Friday, August 25, 2006

but wait! there's more...

Looking back on my sexiest men list, I didn't see any actors! I'm definitely not anti-actors...they're fantastic. So behold! My top ten sexiest actors list (And for democratic purposes, I'm excluding Prince. Gotta give these others a chance!):

1. Patrick Fugit

2. Johnny Depp

3. Jared Leto

4. Mark Wahlberg

5. Jason Schwartzman

6. Billy Crudup
7. Treat Williams
8. Robert Redford
9. James Dean
10. Owen Wilson


Erik said...

I'm in Maryland.

How can you seriously go for a guy with a name like "Crudup"?

Kit said...

I absolutely love Hair but you do know that Treat Williams is now (or previously was) the father on Everwood? Still, he had his moments in Hair. As for Marky Mark and Jason Swartzman I totally agree.

Want to cross link?


Sarah said...

johnny depp, drool.