Thursday, November 30, 2006

2nd to last episode...

Finally a good photoshoot! Though I don't like the idea of pairing up. Maybe back when there was lots, but with this there was only two photos...that's dumb!
So Tyra gave us all a little scare by putting CariDee in the Bottom Two, but the girl pulled through and now...the finale episode! Where we find out who becomes America's Next Top Model. NO WAY!
So I'm psyched, I love the last episode and from the preview we got, it looks like it's gonna be a good one.
But I'm also sad, because when it's over, I have to wait all the way until spring for a new episode. But that's what Canada's Next Top Model is for!
Oh, wait, I think that doesn't start til spring either.
Well, how is that gonna work?


maya said...

we ar only on the 5ht or 6th episode here
which is rather depressing
by the way
all my links and stuff have gone to the bottom of my blog
do you know how to get them to the top?

*emma* said...

i literally started crying when caridee was in the bottom two. im such a loser but she is my favorite top model ever i think. lol i love how theyre all acting like being top model is sucha HUGE DEAL when nobody can even remember their names by next season...


Anonymous said...

the photos from last nights episode were amazing! although as much as i dislike melrose, i though her and eugena's picture was better, i htink ofr meit was the fact that i could tell that amanda's head was digitally pasted on. nonetheless, it was a good episode. here's to caridee winning! (and if not her, then let it be eugena)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm so over melrose! i love it when nigel says how old she looks.

Kit said...

ugh. i am so upset that the twins went home. they (and megg) were my favorites, I don't know why. Caridee must win it now that they're gone. I recently caught myself up with a marathon on VH1. :0 I officially HATE Monique. ugh.