Wednesday, November 01, 2006


How was y'all's Halloween?
Mine was alright, went trick or treating, dressed up as Alex deBarge, from A Clockwork Orange.
The original:

My (and Katie's) interpretation:

Me, with mucho-awesome fake eyelash (wrong eye...damn!)

Katie and I, droogies for life

Out...that's a firework behind me. It's so freezing, I'm wearing four layers of white and (purple, as you can plainly see) gloves


S said...

i didn't go out nor did i dress up for halloween. i was too busy doing an english essay.sad, i know.

NATRIBU said...

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Isabel said...

That movie is so fucked up and good. I quite like it. The book was difficult to understand because of the Nadsat, but I got through it nevertheless. It was worth it.