Sunday, December 17, 2006

"martha washington was a hip, hip lady"

Just when I'm in the midst of a fierce bought of writer's block, Rolling Stone releases their yearbook issue, providing me with at least an entry, however uninspired it may be.
As is custom, I still haven't received the previous issue (featuring Snoop), the joys of being a Canadian subscriber to an American magazine.
A week til Christmas Eve...

Song of the post: "Bell Bottom Blues" by Derek & the Dominoes

Movie du jour: Dazed and Confused

Inspiration hits! I saw Dazed and Confused last night. I was babysitting and I was really in the mood to hear the song "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zeppelin, and I figured the film would probably have it in it. It didn't, but I don't care. It was so good.

Plus there's a couple attractive (to me) gentleman. Rory Cochrane (I don't know their character's names), the perpetually-stoned genius.

and Jason London, the principled nice guy.

Great, great movie. I definitely recommend it.

Bonus: See a young Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich and Matthew McCoughnahey (oh Jesus, I can't spell his name...yikes, that's a bit of a mess)


Anonymous said...

Jason London is totally cute. Unfortunatly I'v enver been able to sit through the entire movie *shrugs* but we did have a huge discussion about it in Englsih that somehow ended with a kid in my class getting our teacher to promise we coudl watch it if we ever had the time. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

ahhh! i looove that movie. i love pink, otherwise known as jason london. SUCH a good movie!

Anonymous said...

jason london is the cutest. i love those flowy tops he wears and how he is friends with absolutely every group.

the antm british invasion was kind of different, as they squished the whole season into a two hour special.

alluretone said...

oh man, dazed and confused is so good! i haven't watched it in soo long, but jason london is very attractive. i also thought that one guy, where they were going to have the party, was an eye-candy as well.

Anonymous said...

yummy movie.

Anonymous said...

jason london is adorable

Anonymous said...

the strange thing about this movie is that some of guys dress like the guys of today, while the girls outfits are very dated now.

Milla Jovovich said...

wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

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