Monday, January 29, 2007


Yessssssssss, lick the guitar, Prince.

Okay, so it's that time again. I get fashion-y. My friend Nicola introduced me to a great vintage website called It's much much more than I would ever spend on a dress, no matter how lovely, but it's lots of fun to browse. Some pieces I like:

Zandra Rhodes
Mister Ant

Miss Selfridge

Mary Quant


Emma said...

oh, i LOOOVE mary quant. and no, i'm back4good. i'm back and i'm bad. i'm baby got back. this could go on for some time...

mareGa said...

the Mary Quant dress is to die for. period.

Anonymous said...

^ dito, Mary Quant = goddess

yay 5 days!!!

S said...

love the last one

alluretone said...

oh i absolutely loveee mary quant! i'm not really liking the bow on the dress though, but otherwise good!

Crazy Eddie said...

I'm altruisticly enjoying your Princess countdown. Luscious.

And as for your style... amazing. You come off as a Twiggy-esque, chic and snazzy wonderchick. Love it.