Sunday, January 21, 2007

"im letting you have shotgun. but cuz its cuz only cuz im goin inside"

I had a very successful weekend, movie-wise. Basically, any weekend where I get to see Dazed and Confused is automatically fantastic and amazing and worthy of celebration.I just can't say enough good things about that movie. Hilarious, great acting, great plot, good soundtrack (though no Led Zeppelin, as I'd anticipated from the title)

Then, of course, since I'd seen such a great, happy, fun movie, I just had to watch a disturbing, intense movie.
Cue Hard Candy.

More than a little scarring, but still good.

Sorry for the lazy-ass post. I'll try to dream up something good (and, Miss Mary-Kate, this is your cue to be photographed with dark hair again)


alluretone said...

haha, that quote is great. i love how they were just sitting around and making bongs in science class. have you seen super troopers? not a sixties movie, but still so freaking funny.

dusk&summer said...

omg hard candy was so odd!! i do know how to perform a proper castration now tho. and who knows that could come in handy..

Anonymous said...

I'm renting Dazed & Confused tomorrow!

Frapp said...

I've wanted to see Hard Candy for a while now, a person I know saw it and said it was quite disturbing. I quite like the idea behind it, really. Would you reccommend it for someone who likes gore but doesn't deal well with psychological horror? (Circa The Ring or The Village or any horror movie beginning with 'The'?)

Tru said...

we tried to get our AP Enlgish teacher to let us watch that movie so far no go