Friday, January 05, 2007

the swingin' sixties

I'm taking things investigative, proving men (ok, rock stars) can be sexy at every decade (though for God's sake, I'm only going as young as the 20s).
Though, okay, I admit these guys were all better looking in the 70s, they ain't too bad today.
My Five Favorite Men Old Enough to Be My Grandfather (in no particular order):

Mick Jagger. Yes, he was a lot hotter in the 70s and 60s, but I think today he's looking better than the 80s and 90s...without looking Botox-infused.
Though I appreciate his decision to artificially keep his hair brown. I don't think he could work grey quite so well.
David Bowie.

Okay he's 59. But he turns 60 on January 8th...close enough! Jack Nicholson.
I love watching him act, I'll sit through stupid army movies (A Few Good Men) just to watch him. He's so naughty-seeming and sly, and unbelievably sexy. I, personally, cannot wait to see The Departed.
Bob Dylan. The only person on this list I've seen up close and personal (okay, from row M, seat 112), he's definitely looking good.

Keeeeeeith. I always find it funny that all the girls (at my school, at least) started lusting after Johnny Depp after Pirates of the Caribbean. They were in love with Jack Sparrow, a fictional person. Keith Richards is the true-to-life Captain Jack. (okay, Johnny Depp pulled it off well, and I was very into it, but Keith is still cooler)

Coming up: Are there any guys in their fifties that are hot? I can't think of any (besides Bowie) off the top of my head, but that's why it's called investigation.


Robert Vandenbego said...

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Anonymous said...

Keith for sure.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh Keith :]
my heart is melting
but I must admit, I'm truly in love with the younger pictures of him

maya said...

i dont think anyone loves the 60's more than you and me
at this very moment i am wearing a top that says everybody loves dick
which was made for someone called richard's birthday
so i completely understand the whole dick thing

Sarah said...

i'm know they were quite the stud miffin back in the day, but now.... haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

there is something hot abotu Mick Jagger, lol

maya said...

oh god
that has completely depressed me
i wish o much i had lived in the 60'si've just understood you whole eyelashes time machine thing
i wish it so so so much

Anonymous said...

David Bowie looks better now than ever. Yowza! And I am absolutely feeling Chic in the City, Bruce Springsteen is v. sexy, and he's in his 50's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some on the list are a cool 60 years old, while others are scary (Keith Richards=Zombie Man).

I heard The Departed was an outstanding movie. I remember more than a year ago I was going to work and as I was walking out of the NYC Subway station, there was a line of trailers parked on 4th avenue here in Brooklyn. Yes, they were filming The Departed in the bar right around the corner from my job! I took lunch early that day and immediately rushed over to see if I can spot one of the actors... but all I caught a glimpse of was Leonardo Dicaprio's fat head. No Jack...

Love ya girly. Besos.

Anonymous said...

Keith. He's the greatest.