Saturday, February 24, 2007

recommended reading...

So, as you may know if you pay any attention to my sidebar, I'm reading Angela Bowie's memoir "Backstage Passes: Life on the Wild Side with David Bowie". So far (and I'm only on the first chapter) its the perfect example of what a rock star (ex) wife's autobiography should be.

First of all, she follow the number one rule of I-dated-a-celebrity-but-am-not-quite-one-in-my-own-right books:

We don't care about your childhood. Skip to meeting said celebrity.

But do share about your loss of virginity.

The most exciting part of this memoir?
The divorce was a bit nasty and there was a gag order against Angela so she couldn't reveal all the dirty nasty secrets about Bowie.
As soon as the gag order expired, she wrote the book.
-The infamous (and amazingly arousing) time Angela caught Bowie in bed with Mick Jagger, prompting Mick to write "Angie"!
-Angela and David's bisexual exploits...and orgies!
-Bowie's "insane" patch!
-Behind the scenes tales of Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Elton John, Marianne Faithfull, Iggy Pop, Rod Stewart and Lou Reed!
The perfect book?
I do think so.

The Bowies - Angela, David and Zowie - before the divorce, gag order and gag order's expiration! God Bless Them!


Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

I must read it! I though the Mick/Bowie thing was a rumor she made up?:S

I will probably post a blog tonight. I just didnt feel like it while being sick and I was a little discouraged by lack of comments.

-S said...

sounds very intersting.
didn't david bowie marry iman? i think so...

Stewart Sternberg said...

I remember when David Bowie was going through his Ziggy Stardust friends and I looked at one another, not sure what to make of his androgynous nature.

He is an amazing talent. Bowie reinvented himself several times over the last thirty or so years. He even survived the disco years, and that was a huge accomplishment.

Crazy Eddie said...

I recall hearing about the whole Bowie/Mick rendezvous some time ago. Now I usually don't pay much mind to rumors per say, but I did believe it this time. I think these two geniuses are way to layered for just one gender attraction...



Anonymous said...

"The infamous (and amazingly arousing) time Angela caught Bowie in bed with Mick Jagger, prompting Mick to write "Angie"

...SAY WHAT?!!!!
strange how lately books seem to be my one true love....

MOLLY GRAY said...

i want to read that too!.
it's seems really interesting.
+molly g.+

Regina and Renee said...

ive heard abt this book somewhere....i cant put my finger on where though. it sounds very interesting!


maya said...

sounds really good
my favourite marrianne faithfull song is 'witches song'.

maya said...

how did you get the little map of visitor locations?

L. said...

David Bowie is pretty awesome. One of the last originals in modern music.

Emma said...

hey, so lipstick lady and i have a theory
you, me, touche19 and lipstick lady are the same person spreadout over a few different states and countries and we need to somehow join our brains together because webasically all share one brain already. wouldn't that be hilarious?

coco said...

it sounds really intresting. i dont know much about bowie but what i have heard about him sounds interesting. i love his music.

Tru said...

intresting though I doubt I'll get to reading it

Isabel said...