Tuesday, February 27, 2007

(shriek of excitement too high-pitched for human ears)

Tomorrow...in exactly twenty-four hours...I will be watching Cycle Eight of America's Next Top Model!
I'm very excited and will celebrate by sharing my favorite contestant from each season.

Cycle One: I love Adrianne. She sealed it for me by going to Jim Morrison's grave in Paris. How cool is that?
Cycle Two: I never saw! Release the DVD goddammit!
Cycle Three: Eva was my girl. Bitch? Whatever.
Cycle Four: Pretty crappy cycle, I thought, as for the choice of contestants. I didn't have a strong opinion on anyone, but I rooted for Naima
Cycle Five: Bre was my girl. Bitch? Whatever.

Cycle Six: I got so much shit for being a Jade fan, and I admit by her last couple episodes she was embarassing me, but I pick my girl in the first two episodes and then I am loyal.

Cycle Seven: You know it too well...I adore CariDee. Despite her shitty Seventeen cover.

Who shall be my favorite of this season? WHO KNOWS? I will, tomorrow, and you know Thursday morning there will be a post telling you who I'm digging.

Dying of anticipation? Get a sneak peek at www.cwtv.com/shows/americas-next-top-model. Looks like there's a new theme song! (Danity Kane's "One Shot")

"It's not only fierce...it's ferocious"
-Tyra Banks, on Cycle 8

P.S. PREDICTION: I bet they're going to Australia


The Boob Lady said...

Can't wait!!! I've got the treats ready and I'm good to go! I can't believe you missed cycle two... Yoanna? Come on Molly!!!

Anonymous said...

"Bre was my girl. Bitch? Whatever"
SAME HERE!!! Mostly because I just loved watching Tyra's impression of the "ghetto girl from my neighborhood". Freaking hilarious. Bre has personality fosho

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

you didnt see season two?
that was the best season!
...my oppinion

I agree that adrianne deserved winning for wanting to go to Jims grave, and Elyse was my second favourite

...even though she didnt know who Jim was

mareGa said...

Gosh! I'm so ashamed to admit that I am a fan too!

Model Citzen said...

I don't really watch top model anymore, but something tells me this seasons going to kick ass. : )

Flashy_Shades said...

i actually thought of you this week when i saw the ads (on perez, obviously)

nyc's free morning paper had a spread of the girls, none of which look too impressive. does that mean i'll skip the TWO HOUR premier? no it does not

discothequechic said...

Ahaa, cycle 7 has only just started over here in the UK.

But I'm gutted as I know the winner is Caridee! But I knew that alreday, so don't worry!

wow, a jade fan? I never thought I'd see the day! ha...

S xx

From Lily With Love said...

I can't wait for the new season!

Anna said...

I'm not as excited about this cycle as I was for the previous ones because ANTM has really gone down hill... But whatever, it's a new cycle so I hope it's wonderful. Oh and since you guys are all ANTM fans too, fourfour.typepad.com has amazing recaps of ANTM episodes.

Marissa said...

That Seventeen Cover is SUCH crap. It is heinous and you don't even see her face.

alluretone said...

o yeah thats tonight! thanks for the reminder

Poshhh said...

i'm watching it right now..
i hope they do go to australia.
even though i just left there.
love your blog.

S. said...

No more ANTM pour moi. I can't stomache any more Tyra. She is inane.

MOLLY GRAY said...

amazing pictures, gorgeous women.
+molly g.+

coco said...

americas next top model sounds so good but i cant watch it from home. it kinda sucks.
i love trashy fashion tv

Emma said...

j'aime bre. and of couuuuuuuurse i love jade! i love to hate her!
and caridee is awesome. why did they change danielle's name to dani? let her talk how she wants. GOD, tyra.

Crazy Eddie said...

Adrianne and Eva... hands down. After season three I lost interest. I'm glad to say that I'm right there with ya with this cycle. I'll be watching like a stalker...

Nice choices girly. Never be afraid to embrace a bitch...lol

No apologies...