Thursday, February 08, 2007

spice up your life

So randomly enough, Anna Nicole Smith just keeled over and died yesterday.
It's almost comical how arbitrary it was.
Calm down, anonymous comment leavers, I said almost.
It's sad that she's leaving a five month old daughter behind though.

Good sign: Posh Spice, Ginger Spice (my favorite) and Baby Spice all went for din-din together.

Hey, I'd be satisfied with just them. It wouldn't be the same without Scary and Sporty, but beggers can't be choosers.


maya said...

i wish every day and night for a spice girls reunion.
if i was religious i would pray for one.
but im not so i dont

Emma said...

ouch.poor scary and sporty.I hope they're out having a scary sporty dinner together and talking bad about the other spices.
No, i think youll find that YOU are the coolest person ever.

MOLLY GRAY said...

poor little girl.
see ya,

p.s: yes i think so and more because of what happend to her son.
p.s2: a spice girl reunion, that is rare.

mareGa said...

Oh the Spice Girls! I was obssesed with them!

Anonymous said...

I need a little spice in my life.

and I also feel terrible for the daughter :[
A.N.S. must have been terribly depressed from the death of her son and the fact that she doesn't know the father of her baby.

L. said...

Funny story... I'm invited to an Old Fogies, Gold Diggers themed party tonight. Guess who I was going as... Just a little bit awkward. It's pretty sad.

A Spice Girls reunion would be incredible. People of the world (Spice up your life).

PS. Thanks for the add.

S said...

Well, Geri was always my favourite spice girl, and even though she named her child such an atrocious nmae (ahem, bluebell), she still is amazingly cool, even when her album sucked, i was humming and sining it all the time.

Tru said...

lol I use to love them.....I was a huge Baby spice fan back in grammer school when they were still sad about Anna though

Bloom said...

I am sure the reunion day will come! Also, it is ironic how much fuss it now being made over this baby =( Its sad really.

holly said...

I spent my tweenage years spicing up my life. oh yes. and i like your advice, it's not useless, it's actually quite good! I think I'll use it. if it backfires I'm blaming you... i won't, don't worry

Regina and Renee said...

A that would really shake up hollywood. i used to love love love the spice girls. but im sure i could love them again.

Crazy Eddie said...

Sure, Anna Nicole was a hot mess, but her death struck me really hard. I feel really somber and down knowing that her daughter will be exploited beyond belief...

Later luscious!