Saturday, March 17, 2007

guilty indeed

So, horrifyingly enough, I have an intense interest and liking in the new Pussycat Doll's show The Search for the Next Doll (Lord, how many girls do they need to writhe behind Nicole?) I've seen the first episode twice and the second three times. God, how mortifying. My favorite is Siseley (pictured at right).
So in honor of my confession, I'm going to list my top five Guilty Pleasure songs du jour. Note: Please don't judge me on what my ears find tasty.
In no particular order:

1. INXS's "Need You Tonight". Michael Hutchence is a bit of a fox, no?
2. Paula Abdul's "Straight Up". Even though she really can't sing, it's fun to listen to her strain for the high notes.
3. Milli Vanilli's "Girl You Know Its True". No comment?
4. Janet Jackson's "So Excited". Though the video is kinda creepy.
5. the Full House theme song. But, really, look at that picture! How cool is that? Reunion! And you can totally see the Michelle, Stephanie, DJ and, uh, Michelle, in their faces.

Dost thou dare to confess thy guilty pleasures to me? I'll try not to make fun of them!
P.S. Regarding my last post: C'mon, people, that's not a Wham! poster! Wham! has two poster is the infinitely cooler Duran Duran.


Alison said...

I must confess that I too have a bit of a weakness for the catchy 80's songs... 'Jitterbug' anyone?

Emma said...

whatever happened to predictability?
the milkman, the paperboy and evening TV?
when you miss your old familiar friends, then they're waiting just around the beeeend...

you know what's sad? i didn't have to look those lyrics up on google. full house is one of my many, many, MANY guilty pleasures. you got it, dude. back then i could actually stand the O-twins. and john stamos is the physical embodiment of sex.
a new post is a'coming round the mountain (yes i actually said that, I'm that much of a geek), but it takes time to hone my bitch-powers.
thanks so much for the nice comment!
and thanks SOOOOOO Much for the blog-of-the-day nom! wooohooo, you me lipstick lady and touche19 all won one!
of COURSE you're too cool to have a Wham poster! who isn't?

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

I admit I like "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS....

and ill try to do a post soon:)

MOLLY GRAY said...

wow.. that pic of full house is amazing!!!
+molly g.+

coco said...

my guilty pleasure song has to be celebrtiy by nsync, its the line 'if i didn't have cheese like everyday would you still wanna be with me?' that hooks me in.

maya said...

Oh god, guilty pleasures? i have 100s of songs: everything by abba, I will survive by gloria gaynor. i love all that disco stuff.
also, i love duran duran but i have looked everywhere and i cant find h the poster you are talking about. where is it?

Anonymous said...

ohhh uncle jesse ;]

and I'm also obsessed with that new Pussycat Dolls show. Why are those types of shows so f'n entertaining?!
Melissa R is my fave I think. But Sisely (sp?) is tight as well.

stilettoheights said...

my favorite bad song is "Naughty Girls Need Love Too" by Samantha Fox

My favorite bad movie is Showgirls starring Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell

Favorite bad tv show, would have to be Degrassi Junior High (old school)

but I have also seen EVERY episode of 90210 at least 5-10 times.

Crazy Eddie said...

Wow... Jodie Sweeten (is that it?) looks so different. I heard she had a bit of a drug problem. I always thought she was way cuter than the Olsens when she was young...

Now look who's laughing to the bank... LOL.

Crazy Eddie said...

My favorite bad song is the Greatest American Hero theme. You're probably too young to remember the series. It was horrible...

Love the song though... lol.


dusk&summer said...

Full House is pretty much the best show of all time.

The Boob Lady said...

I'm into the 80's as well.

AND... I love the Pussycat Dolls show too. It's like crack. I've seen the episodes about 15 times too.


Frances said...

Hey molly... i havnt talked to you for a coupple of years, hows it going?
80's is the best danm music out there! hah, if you havnt herd shout by tears for fears then you better! nothing is cooler than that!