Friday, March 02, 2007

its not only FIERCE, its FEROCIOUS

My girl is Jael. And I'm fiercely (ooh, Tyra, did you hear that?) loyal to her already.
I also like Whitney. We all know a plus sized model is never going to win, but they're fun to root for anyway.
BIG NEWS: I've decided Tyra ain't too bad and I think I'm going to stop hating on her.
She seems fun (I like fun) and strong (I like strong) and, yeah, she eliminated Brooke on her elimination night, which I took pretty hard, but tis' the season to forgive and forget. Though if Jael gets eliminated early, I'm taking that right back.

Now for who I don't like.
Renee: I hate her bitchiness and her weak stereotypical hippie (though that wasn't her, it was more the photo director...JAY!)

Natasha: The trophy wife who used a 40-year-old to get into America. Now I have nothing against marrying people a lot older than you (as you very well know) but she's obviously using your husband and he's probably using her. Gross! And her accent drives me crazy, I hate listening to her speak. I don't even think she's that pretty.

I really think this is going to be a GREAT cycle. They were pretty shitty for a while, but they've been improving.

LOVED the photoshoot, Jael, Whitney, Tyra.

HATED Renee, Natasha, how no one knew who Richard Avedon was.


Emma said...

oh now you are scaring me.
because i totally agree and when that little blond twinkie didn't know who carolina herrera was, i was like "surely you jest. don't you want to be a model? you know that, right? and DESIGNERS?"

i <3 whitney, she seems so friendly and i dunno, she may win. but she won't. but she COULD! but she won't. but...okay, i'll stop having arguments with the voices in my head now.

being part russian i was crazily excited to see a russian girl on ANTM. not that there's a shortage of russian models, but i was like HELL YES SHOUTOUT! and she is such an IDIOT. especially for someone given such an amazing and powerful photoshoot- prolife- she looks like the blandest, most vapid little barbie doll that it practically made me cry.

oh now i'm all het up about abortion so i think i might have to do a post on pro choice vs. pro life.
i know people hate that stuff...but too bad.


stilettoheights said...

if you don;t know who Richard Avedon should be killed.

ps- your blog is so very hot!!!!!!!!

alluretone said...

i haven't had the chance to watch this :(

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

Dont stop hating Tyra!
that really bugged me how they introduced her

Emma said...

i meant pro-choice, when i said in my earlier comment that the russian girl was giving an amazing and powerful photoshoot. i am DEFINITELY, 100 % pro-choice.
just wanted to clear that up

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love tyra's face is just so perfect and the color of her eyes are amazing.
+molly g.+

Anonymous said...

seriously, who does she think she is?!?!!?!?!
at least we know Jael will eventually crunch her into the ground....

The Boob Lady said...

I want to make sweet sweet love to Nigel.

All night long.

Maybe longer.

Cee said...

Although I don't like to watch TV (it fries your brain, blah blah blah.)I have watched some ANTM, and Tyra looked kinda fierce (scratch that- majorly fierce)telling a girl off.
Anyways, those models are great.

Crazy Eddie said...

I absolutely agree. Jael and Whitney (not the crackhead that divorced Bobby lol) are the ladies that I found most down to earth. Jael is the one to watch...

She's so hot. Almost as hot as you baby girl!!

(sorry I haven't been around, but I'm back in full force now doll)

lauren said...

I've never been a big fan of ANTM, it looks like it's gotten pretty interesting, I might just have to watch it!

Tru said...

oh yeah I cought it and I was kinda dissapointed but idk we'll see how the competition turns out

-S said...

tyra still drives me crazy, and yes, she will never ever let a plus sized model win, i think she chose them both for the top two in order to fight against the whole too skinny/anorexic controversy.

From Lily With Love said...

Yeah,I also hated Tyra for a while once she eliminated Brooke last season

Sarah said...

i want to hit natasha with a stick

maya said...

i agree about tyra but i've liked her all along so im glad you;ve finally come to your sences.
i cant comment on any of the girls since i am a whole series behind you but whatever. the one you lke looks very gorgeous and modelesque which is good because she wants to be a model.

Emma said...

i know you JUST posted this and i'm getting spoiled b/c you always put up tons of awesome posts like once a day so i've come to expect them but...
where are youuuu?

Elle said...

Oh i Love Jael, i think thats how you spell it I cannot believe she was half african-american that totally suprised me but she is very exotic looking