Monday, April 16, 2007

countdown to flaming

Admire my bravery for I'm about to make a statement that could result in fierce attacks and my becoming a blogosphere leper:
Audrey Hepburn bores me to tears.

Sure, she's pretty. But is that really so rare in Hollywood? And I've seen three of her movies and she can act. That's great. I feel very strongly that actors should be able to act. So, thus far, I see an Audrey Hepburn who is pretty, though not shockingly beautiful a la Sharon Tate, and can act though not as versatile as someone like Meryl Streep.
But let's get down to what she's really famous for: her fashion sense.
Frankly, I don't like it. So I'm a Mary-Kate and Cory fan, obviously my taste in clothing ranges more along the lines of Derelique, but I can appreciate classic styles.
Okay, maybe I can't, because I don't see what all the fuss over Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe is about either.
Just looking for pictures of her for the purpose of this post, my eyes started glazing over. A simple black stylish! so chic! so understated! It's genius!
Um, definitely not in my books.
So she takes her cancers through a long glorified filter and gets boyish haircuts. She is creepily thin and has 'doe' eyes. She wears gloves! Lots of gloves! She's a legend!
But whyyyyyyyy????
I don't see how girls my age can be so fascinated by her. But then again
I like my icons outrageous and not afraid to get a bit dirty.
Audrey is a bit too much of a lady.
But maybe she's not the problem here.

Maybe its me....
Nah. I just hope Audrey Hepburn fans aren't oversensitive.


Meg said...
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Meg said...

I'm not sure why she's such an icon, I do think she's chic though...and a better icon than Kate Moss. Kate Moss bores my pants off, she's so vacant.

I adore Charlotte Gainsbourg myself.

Meg said...

PS. Believe, that is a memory of Prince that no-one can ever take away from me. Ever.

I'm gonna stop harassing your blog now.

Emma said...

don't you hate when people leave comments like that, trashing your personal opinion?
i mean hello, people, it's a BLOG. go to and get the definition.
i love audrey, but even i admit she's a little played out.
this post made me laugh, not that your posts don't ALWAYS make me laugh. "she wears gloves! lots of gloves! she's a legend!"
hee hee.
by the way, i voted that you're right about everything on your poll. because even when i disagree with you (COUGHCOUGHOLSENTWINSCOUGH) you manage to make me understand a little bit more about it. yeah this was a creepily long and annoying comment. sorry.
and i didn't even get to dicuss hoboes! yes, the beard hair is a turnoff. i wonder, if you shaved all the NYC hoboes, would you find a plethora of gorgeous men underneath?

Tru said...

I think for her time she was an icon....and i still like her

-S said...

i do agree that her acting is nothing special, but her style? timeless.

mary said...

i dont find her remarkable, and i wasnt aware that lots of teen girls worship her still.. well, shes kind of overglorified, yes, but better than paris hilton.

and i agree with meg, charlotte gainsbourg is amazing.

Emma said...

oh, and i agree with you on jackie o...dullsville. but marilyn? she seems like she would actually be kinda hip and fun to hang out with, you know, if she lived today. audrey seems, however much i love her style, like she would be one of those whiny lactose intolerant chicks, you know the ones i mean.
is it wrong that i judge everyone by how much fun they would be to party with? perhaps.
okay, now i will stop leaving long and random comments on your blog. until, y'know, my next comment.

Anonymous said...

Derelique = my thoughts exactly
Audrey = blehhh, pretty face, next
Jackie O. = my absolute favorite woman, perhaps ever.

this is mainly because I read a biography about her (and the kennedy's, it was over 800 pages, but totally worth it) and deep down, she's got a badd-ass edge that just "kills me" a-la Holden Caulfield in Catcher I.T.R.

just the way she looks, and some of her notebook entrees are so relatable. I love her to tears.

Anonymous said...

haha, emma you crack me up

maya said...

i know what you mean. she's stylish but its kind of boring. i uppose then it was 'ahead of her time' or something? i dunno.
but actually i havent had much to do with her my whole life. i've enver seen one of her films (gasp!) i've never drooled over pictures of her apart from one where she is wearing this amazing black and white dress. it is the sex.
but my money tin has a picture of her on it. how surreal.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i like breakfast at tiffiny's especially the moon river scene i love that song... i have never been blown away by audery hepburn yeh shes pretty but not anyting specially i am not one of those people who worship the ground she treads on and have loads of posters of her but i don't not like her. i just cant see what all the fuss is about

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love her!
she is so perfect.
+molly g.+

stilettoheights said...

Them be fighting words!!!

lol, in all seriousness, I love Audrey and Marilyn and Jackie...but I think a lot of why I love them was about my childhood and what was idealized for me then.

I will give you that Audrey's acting is nothing special, but she was the first to bring back the "waif" aspect of beauty and fashion.

honestly though Forget Breakfast at Tiffany's, you need to see Charade, older Audrey with Carey Grant....way better, you don't even need to listen to it watch it on's better like that.

Anonymous said...

Jackie O > Audrey
Little Edie Beale > Jackie O

I don't love Audrey Hepburn, BUT I love the characters she plays and the people who styleded her in the movies.

Jackie O all by herself was FAB-O, she didn't need to play a role.

alexgirl said...

I love Audrey. But whatevs--"to each his/her own" right?
I think Audrey Hepburn aches elegance and class. And confidence. And poise. Qualities I sorely lack in my own life. But way to stand up for your opinions, girl. Rock on witchyo' bad self.

the lipstick lady said...

marilyn seems like a cool chick, love affairs with JFK, possible assasination, alcoholic, pioneer of plastic surgery? come on, she's basically started the whole lindsay lohan thing. not that lindsay will ever go out with the president or anything. although assasination seems highly likely

I personally love audrey's style because she basically started the whole understated thing, not to mention she basically started the whole celebrities doing charity work, she vaccinated most of the orphans in Turkey from loads of diseases in 10 days and funded orphanages in somalia, so I admire her for that.
as for her acting: BLAH. she won an oscar i think. HOW?

the lipstick lady said...

OH apart from in sabrina and funny face where she totally does the whole tragic/sexbomb thing.
two of my favourite movies they are

maya said...

but i do like gloves

Marissa said...

She looks exactly like Isabella Rosselini. Is that's how you spell Rosselini? Sounds like tortellini (if that's how you spell tortellini)

The Boob Lady said...

DAMNNNNN!! Did you see who got kicked off ANTM? I don't want to say it yet in case you didn't! I thought about you as soon as it was over though! xo

-ciao bella- said...

I agree most of the some of the girls in my grade live Audrey. I like her alright don't get me wrong but she's just not really my favorite actress or anything. xx

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion but its one from modern age and day. She completely changed the whole fashion and created a classic scene. She brought things to the world that we never seen before. Clearly if she was around now a days she wouldn't wear a black dress everyday and get praise...but back them she knew what she was doing. She’s classic and simple and Cory k. is just a scenester who is just wearing trends....none of the stuff she wears will really last.

Maddy said...

I suppose there is just something special about her, like there is about every style icon.

Anonymous said...

It's you.

The point is that she found her style, what she looked best in, and that she stuck with it for life. And Audrey Hepburn is known just as much for her humanitarian work as for her fashion sense.

Carolina Lange said...

I don't really like her as an actress, but I thing she had such a great and strong style for her time.

Model Citzen said...

I like em dirrty too... and yes, cory is a little fashion icon in her own right. not bad for a 15/16 year old! I do love her eyebrows. so bold...

Dilemma said...

I think that a lot of her most 'popular' movies are way overrated[Breakfast at Tiffany's,Roman Holiday, etc] even though I love them. If you saw her in My Fair Lady or Wait Until Dark, I think it really shows what a great actress she was. And as anonymous said, she's very well known for all the humanitarian work she did[she was a special embassador to UNICEF among other things]. I agree though, that the hype about her and Breakfast At Tiffany's is a little tiring at times.

Le Portillon said...

I agree 100%

Stewart Sternberg said...

Ah, Audrey. I don't think one can look at Audrey and address her out of context. She was a symbol at the time of her popularity. Fragile, vulnerable, intelligent, with an untapped strength only hinted at. In this time period, she had a bit of individuality at a time when individuality was being stomped on by the fifties mentality of Eisenhower and McCarthy. While the country was being wowed by buxom blondes, she was a delicate brunette.

If you like Audrey Hepburn, I hope you'll rent "ROBIN AND MARION" with her and Sean Connery. It will give you a different view of this woman as actress and icon.

Crazy Eddie said...

I think you're absolutely right. The woman is a legend, and to some right it's deserved, but she was a bit vapid... even in style. Never liked her really...

I respected her when she got older and became a women's advocate. Later she got the shakes and died.


Money Miss said...

I've never seen her in any movies. I don't get the point of Tiffany's. They're probably exploiting africian diamond miners. I mean gold. And Tiffany's can sue me if they want, but I doubt they'll be able to track me down. I've always been bored with her style. In the Goddess Guide, it says...
"even when she was in her home *somewhere i can't remember the name of* wearing frilly shorts, without a trace of make-up, she still embodied the epitome of style"
I've seen that picture.
I hate frilly shorts.
I like the rose though.

S. said...

You are absolutely entitled to that opinion!

I just find that look so much more dignified than the tanorexic, bleached out party whores who, although they are actresses, lack ability.

However, who knows how I would have felt about Audrey in her day had I been around?

Isabel said...

I enjoy the classy and trashy ends of the spectrum. I've become very fond of shouting out "I'm a punk rocker trapped in a classy lady's body!" because I wish I dressed crazier, but love looking put together. I love Audrey AND Mary Kate!!!