Saturday, April 21, 2007

"i wanna learn to talk good"

Well, I should have my eyelids sewn together as I sleep so when I wake up and try to open my eyes, the eyelids rip apart and get all bloody and then I can never close them properly again.

"I'll post by 3 o'clock". Why do I feel the need to lie to such faithful readers? Here it is, Sunday afternoon, a post about Wednesday. But what an eventful Wednesday it was!
We bid farewell to Jael. Sad, but I knew it was coming. I had accepted it. And for the first time in Top Model history (don't you just get all prickly on your neck when Tyra says that?), I changed my favorite.

To someone I originally hated.
That's right, Jael, I'm rollin' with Natasha.
Pulled off the amazing Aussie slang ON TOP of a Russian accent. That girl has what it takes to

Now I'm going to post this, short I'm SORRRRRY, but I will try to post again soon. Dammit, I suck.


Emma said...

and i was totally ready to sayonara jael.
she is batshit crazy and i love her but six more weeks of her would have worn REALLY THIN.

Touche19 said...

^ ditto
natasha is splendidly amazing!!!
Poor Jael :[
All good things must come to an end.

Karma, though, since I've procrastinated posting for much longer than a wee 4 1/2 days.

Emma said...

by the way, did you notice they needed subtitles for practically everything jael said?

The Boob Lady said...

Thank God you finally posted. I was getting antsy.

Eliana said...

I want Brittany to win...I mean, the girl got hit by a deer. What are the odds? And she's gorgeous...but a deer?

maya said...

I really liked Natasha when I washed it. I really miss your posts. please do an extra long one soon!

stilettoheights said...

the first paragraph made me laugh and almost throw up in my mouth...not often to I get both at the same time.

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

Yeah, Welcome to my crazy russian world, they always win you over. Aw Jael is awesome but awesome in a total I want to drink with her all day way and dress up in tutus. I still love Brit but I have a feeling she is off next week, they are showing her to be a bit whiny. I think I really don't care which hamster wins now, I even love Dionne esp when she drops the f bomb every segment.

Carolina Lange said...

Natasha is really great!

Fashionyou's Molly said...

=] There are so many Mollys on blogger!! I come by and hardly ever having met another Molly IN MY LIFE and all of a sudden there are loads. So much for individuality =]
Well, after all... it is a lovely name!!
Liking the blog btw.
Love, ANOTHER Molly xox
P.s- want to exchange links?

Geisha said...

Natasha is just awesome-she was always one of my favorites...even though Jael was as well!

-S said...

i still have yet to pick a favorite. is it jusy me, or is top model lacking lately. and then in june-ish we should be getting canada's next top model again. hopefully it will be better.

KG said...

i love natasha! i also love renee, though sometimes i think im alone in that boat...

Jessica said...

I couldn't agree with you more, she has won me over. I loved when she was doing the guy photoshoot, she really commits to every project. She wants this.