Monday, April 30, 2007

this is where im at right now

MicheleCryderman™. says:i want more than anything in this world to have sex with some old famous rocker
molly says:ME TOO!!
molly says:we share a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
molly says:lets dedicate our lives to fulfilling it
MicheleCryderman™. says:omg
MicheleCryderman™. says:yesssssssss
molly says:i smell a LIFE PLAN!
MicheleCryderman™. says:you smell correctly
molly says:but seriously
molly says:we should seriously dedicate our lives to going to ALL the old rock stars from the 60s concerts and groupying (sp?) them
MicheleCryderman™. says:that sounds like a fantastic idea
MicheleCryderman™. says:but you cry hysterically at thier very sight might be somethinng you have to over come
molly says:that was harsh
molly says:ill work on it
molly says:I KNOW!
MicheleCryderman™. says:hahahahha
MicheleCryderman™. says:sorry
molly says:you can dress up as rockstars and ill practice meeting them without crying
MicheleCryderman™. says:ROFL
MicheleCryderman™. says:ill do my best
molly says:i have faith in your fake-rock star skillz
MicheleCryderman™. says:ooooo SKILLZ
MicheleCryderman™. says:you went there

About halfway done Math
Halfway done the first unit of French
Haven't started English


maya said...

can i join your lifeplan crew?
sounds uber fun

Tru said...


the lipstick lady said...

haha, that's some great maths/english work you're doing.
boy i would love to do school by corrospondence, my work sucks

Emma said...

haven't started algebra, french, english, physics, chem, latin, or anything. have been sitting out on my fire escape eating fried dumplings and listening to neutral milk hotel.
will fail exams! no, must NOT fail
doesn't school suck?

rock star love= amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am more on the hunt for 70s rockers (tom waits please marry me) but if I come across any of the 60s while on my mission, I will send them your way.

Anonymous said...


discothequechic said...

oooh I heart huckabees!

Love that film...Dustin Hoffman with a bowlcut lol.

Everyone seems to be stressing over exams at the moment, myself included, Blogger is a good distraction though, no?

S xx

Crazy Eddie said...

I saw some great video footage on YouTube showing Lily Tomlin being a total BITCH on the set of the movie. Have you seen it?? It's almost unbelievable... she acted like a complete and utter child. Check it out.

About your exams... don't stress my love, you'll do just fine. You're too intelligent to fail. Boy... don't miss exams and school in general by a long shot. So glad that's over. Want to time travel and catch up with me? Then maybe we can take that luscious trip for peace and serenity (and nonsense of course).