Monday, June 04, 2007

"i dont give a fuck" - my dear jack at the mtvma's

A cute quiz Money Miss made

What would the soundtrack be?
I've been listening to lots of Parliament Funkadelic, and I totally idolize those crazies right now.
What fashion designer(s) would design the clothes? Biba...Nicola has shown me the way. And other great vintage clothes like Mary Quant, Bus Stop, Gunne Sax and lots more.
Who would be the romance? I'd probably have Captain Jack Sparrow, Keith Richards, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Kiedis, Mick Jagger, CC Deville, Prince, Arlo Guthrie....all the usual boys fighting over me.
What genre would your movie be? One of those awesome semi-trippy 60s movies with lots of artful nudity, Day-Glo colours and over-the-top makeup.
Tag 1 blogger: An excellent blogger I recently discovered...Hannah Danger!

Oh, yes, and my movie would most definitely include this scene:

Not because the joke is funny, (and I hope it doesn't offend anyone) but mainly because just looking at Jack Nicholson and hearing his voice makes me smile.


Pretty In Black said...

Keith has the greatest hair in Pirates III. I wrote about it on my blog.

the lipstick lady said...

oh wow, I would totally watch that movie! have you seen the rocky horror picture show? i hope you have because you would love it (you know, I'm guessing from what I think of you as from your blog. which doesn't mean I think you're a cross dressing scientist who kidnaps people and has sex with them. if you've seen the movie it will all make sense), it's really very surreal and somehow reminds me of what your life movie might be like.

the lipstick lady said...

wait, not life movie because I think your life isn't very much like the rocky horror picture show but WHATEVER, i'm just a freak.

Hannah Danger said...

Yeah Amy Winehouse is pretty cool. Someone does need to feed her a sandwich though =[

Thanks so much for my honrable mention! :D

I must steal this quiz from you sometime soon, but I jsut posted a huuuuge post that took me 3 hours to do! Maybe next time :]


Anonymous said...

haha i like this little survey. and your answers are great too..., i'd have to see it :)

Alison said...

LOL your movie sounds ah-mazing!
i would totally shell out $8 to see that in theatres

alexgirl said...

I love Chinatown. What a great movie.
But more importantly, YOUR life as a movie sounds awesome! You're love interests are all such grungy bad boys. HOTTT!!

Model Citzen said...

jack nicholson is one of my muses. he's crazie as shit, (and doesn't hide it too well) but thats why i love him! did you see paris hilton get owned at the mtv awards!!! hahahahahhaahahaaaa

Lama Drama said...

hey great blog - love it! i love pirates!

coco said...

good choice to go with Biba

Carolina Lange said...

I adore Jack Nicholson! Fantastic post!

maya said...

i would definatley watch this movie, you should seriously write it. and i agree with alanna about rocky horror picture show, you would love it, so watch it if you haven't already.
by the way, how was marrianne faithfull?
amazing i bet

Tru said...

I heart POTC!!!

Crazy Eddie said...

Jack is exquisite... ever since I've seen him in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, he's had me as a fan hook-line and sinker.

Lurved his acceptance speech on the MTV Movie Awards the other night. Classic...