Wednesday, June 06, 2007

white folks, shake your hands like the black folks, you might get some tonight

Happy Prince's birthday! Yess, Emma, you tricky tomato, you know me (or Prince) too well. But today is more than just my beloved's 49th anniversary of his squishy little birth.Today is the beautiful day where I reveal some news that has been bubbling inside me near a month. You have heard of his two-month concert series in London, yes, London, Engand, the one true and only spectacular London of all excellence and fantasticness, not to mention some pretty great blogger (and you surely must know who you are)

Well, I, yes I, Molly, who you know and hopefully love,, not happen, it's too casual...I do...I'll just spit it out:
I am going to see Prince in London on August 17th, 2007.

My sincerest apologies if that news excited you so much that you happened to faint, overeat or lose control of your bowels. I know I would've done it all simultaneously if I hadn't been simply to exhausted.
Let me tell you the story of my quest for Prince tickets.

The ticekts went on sale at 10 am British time, which is 1 o'clock in the morning in my time. Still, like the loyal Prince fan I am, I got up, ten minutes early to be sure and went to the computer. I continued to refresh the page until the tickets went on sale. Immediately I hit "Purchase Tickets". The next page says "Sorry, no tickets are available."
The freaking concert had sold out in under a minute.
Obviously, I'm disappointed, but at one o'clock in the morning, I can't think straight. After trying all the concerts and realizing they're all sold out, I just went back to bed.
Oh, you might be confused. I live in Canada, and though I'm a huge huge Prince fanatic, I'm not going to fly to England just to see Prince (I would if I could afford it though). My family is going to Europe this summer, France mostly and I would drive from France to England just to see Prince, or at least finance that trip for my family. We needed to get the tickets for a show before August 16th because then we'd be going to Holland and then home.

The next morning, I visited the Ticketmaster website to check what was going on...and, okay, sulk a little. I saw that there were still tickets left for during September. I figured I could get some tickets and then try to trade them for ones in August. At worst, I would likely just re-sell the tickets (at face value, of course, as I'm morally against scalping). So then I had some tickets to the September 9th show. Great...even though I'd been in Canada then. Then I was visiting, the faithful fan website when someone posted a frantic thread called "NEW AUGUST DATES ADDED". I rushed to the website: tickets were available for August 17th! But...that was a day after August 16th, the latest concert my parents said would work.

I began looking all over the house for my mom to make sure it would work, but she wasn't there, when I remembered she had walked up to the mailbox, about a half-mile away. I sprinted out of the house, barefoot and in my pajamas, screaming at the top of my lungs, but she was too far away so I ran back and got my old bike out of the shed. I also have exertional asthma, so I was having a little bit of an asthma attack, nothing really serious, I don't need a puffer or anything, but I'm supposed to just lie down and it stops. Obviously I couldn't lie down at a time like this! I finally got to the mailbox and there was my mom. I told her there were tickets available for August 17th and could I get them? She said of course and so I went back, completely exhausted, went online and got the damn tickets.

Are they good seats?
Ah, no, not at all. You know the Upper Balcony? Well, they're in the Upper Upper Balcony, pretty nosebleed.
BUT that is not the point. The point is, I am going to see Prince, in London.
And it's his birthday today.
So Happy Birthday Prince.
And Happy Happy Day to me.


Emma said...

Squee! I have always wanted to be called a tricky tomato.
I am doing the "I was right!" dance right now. It's, well, a lot like my other dances in that it shouldn't be mentioned, ever.
Have a frantabulous time, you little concert-goer, you. Try and molest Prince, if you can, or at least take some good cellphone pictures of him (whichever's easier).

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Happy Day to you. You get to see Prince and travel, so completely fantastical. I don't love Prince enough to not get a CNTM post, though. I need my fix, bitch.

Carolina Lange said...

You are going to see Prince in London! I'm so jealous! Don't forget to post after the show to tell us about it!

alluretone said...

i'm not even a prince fan but that's pretty sweet. plus you're going to europe and travel and have fun and i'm going to be stuck home in boring ohio. pretty sure a good story is going to come out of this, like with the arlo gurthie concert. also love the post on sharon tate, she was such a gorgeous woman. and wouldn't it be crazy if you ran into lipstick lady and rebel fashion?

Anonymous said...

wow! that is insane!'s a shame you don't live in MN (wow i never thought i'd say that!), but he frequently does shows here and obviously the purfume is debuting here, alas though, i am not a prince fan (or bob dylan for that matter, sorry, please don't shoot me :( let me know if the roman polanski bio is amazing?

Jennifer said...

I love prince, that simpsons picture is great I had to save it!

Anonymous said...


the lipstick lady said...

sorry, I'm just screaming on your behalf because that is SO FREAKING AWESOME. not to mention London is the coolest place EVER apart from, like, cooler places, but still.
I am insanely jealous, I hope you have a sexy time in good ol' england, i think you should invest time after the concert to just sit outside the stage door for hours and hours and hours and then make him fall in love with you and you can both move into the big brother house (it makes more sense if you read my post) together.
hey, maybe if you are certain that maya and I aren't freaky stalker internet people, we could all have a big party (or you know, meeting in starbucks or the hummingbird bakery) and celebrate your seeing prince! or maybe i'm away then. I don't know, but still it's all so exciting!!

Tru said...

that is wonderful...I'm so excited for you and by the way that was a fantastic story. tell your lover happy birthday from me and enjoy the show

Miss Zoe said...

molly i am so jealous you are lucky i live in australia or you would have to pack me in your suitcase and take me with you- feeding me whenever you could squirrel enough food away from your family and letting me out to stretch my legs whenever you get a chance- dont know how you would get a suitcase into a Prince concert, but i could make a run for it into the stadium at the appropriate time. OR you could leave me at the back door with a sign addressing me to Prince, and I could get backstage then come and get you later!!! Now THATS a plan. Let me know.

Alison said...


lucky bitch.

Crazy Eddie said...

I'm so happy that you're finally going to be feet away from the PRINCESS himself. You deserve every ounce of SOUL GLOW HAIR PRODUCT that may splash your way. Not only will you be seeing his PURPLENESS, but you'll be in LONDON YO!!



WAT said...

Have you seen that new Prince commerical on TV? I forget what it's for, but it's purty cool. He looks amazing for 49.

If only Michael Jackson had aged so gracefully...