Friday, July 20, 2007

planet earth

sooo had a spectacular day
went into the dutch town of arnhem to go to H&M which i dont have where we live and have always wanted to go to
saw a gorgeous purple dress but i couldnt afford it but ill post a picture when i can
then i went to a cd store and saw...the new prince album! imagined my surprise because it is not to be released in canada until the 24th
it was 20€ (about $30) which was absurd but what can i say other than...the things i do for prince
then i went to an insanely cool salvador dali exhibit
that man is brilliant, i need to get some of his prints
getting deathly hallows tomorrow and im psyched PLEASE NO SPOILERS
im planning on reading it slowly...savoring it, if you will
and then possibly going to amsterdam
should be fun!


F.M. said...

sounds like you're having a blast!

Emma said...

i is back! i'll be doing a major hello post later but i just wanted to say hi. and you are the FIRST blog I visited upon return if that means NEthing to you.
arrivederci for now.

The Stiletto Effect said...

wow you must be having lots of fun :) travelling is always great :) i love it!

alluretone said...

oo salvador dali- genius!

stilettoheights said...

you sound like you are ahving a glorious time.

Anonymous said...

aw, so jealous I am. You are having so much FUN and I am stuck in NYC with steam explosions.

alexgirl said...

Oooh, it sounds like you are having the most fabulous time. I'm so jealous! Glad you got the new Prince CD. Is it good?
Can't wait to hear more tales from your travels!!!

maya said...

i am half way through harry potter and it is incredible!

Crazy Eddie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crazy Eddie said...

I have a cheap-ass replica of one of Salvador's works. It's the one with the woman being cradled in someones arms...

Some artsy shizz like that.


PS. Missed ya dearly.

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