Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the audacity of hope

Right now I'm reading Barack Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope and I am in love with this man and his politics. Just the fact that he named his book The Audacity of Hope. Could you imagine The Audacity of Hope by George W. Bush? Obviously not.
If this man was President, I would wake up each morning feeling like the world was going somewhere great.


coco said...

i haventy heard of him over here in London but it sounds interesting
and dont worry i'll make sure you sound uber cool if i ever run into them

molly said...

it didnt even hit me that some people not from n. america might not know who he is

he is potentially the democratic candidate for the presidency of the us


maya said...

i know who he is, i feel so politically superior. I have no idea if i will be able to blog from china but probs not. I'm going in exactly a week for 12 days and i'm dying of excitment.
I'm also seriosuly excited about the spicegirls of course. i'm going to dress up as scary and it's going to be such a rave. shame you couldnt get tickets, i will do a giant post and take hundreds of photos (if im allowed).
by the way, have you seen the original batman, because we were talking about it in music as you do and our music teacher was sying that prince wrote most of the music for it and jack nicholon was the joker, and me and alanna just looked at eachother and said, that sounds like molly's perfect film. the thing is that there was a girl called molly sitting right between us and she got kind of confused but not to worry.

-S said...

he has such an amazing voice. I could spend hours listening to him talk. wow. that sounds creepy, but i agree, i think america needs an intelligent president for a change.

alexgirl said...

I have really been wanting to read that. Thanks for the reminder. But hey, aren't you Canadian? Not that it matters--we should all be jumping for joy when GW is out of office!!!
ps-Just got a Facebook, but I don't know what to do! Will you be my friend??

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you. I saw him on the Tyra Banks show, snd he is so cool =]

Shaz said...

i live in australia, so i really don't know much about his political views, but why is it that i have until now had a negative impression of him? Is he contorversial or disliked by other political parties or is it just the media feeding me crap?

Maddy said...

I feel the same way. Out of all of those running for Democratic candidacy, he is my favorite (although Dennis Kucinich gets extra points for appearing on the Colbert Report). P.S.- You are Canadian, silly! But it's totally cool that you're up on international politics.

WAT said...

Barack's kinda good looking too.

But this test I took said that my political views most resemble John Edwards'. And he's handsome too!


Crazy Eddie said...

I'm terribly torn by Obama and Hillary. I just feel perplexed as to whose the better candidate...

Help me Lord.