Thursday, October 25, 2007

yes, we get it. youve "gone green"

GASPSHOCKTWIST! What an ending! If you haven't seen it yet...try not to read past this sentence or I might accidentally give away the shocking turn of events at panel. Is this....could it be? Is there any chance that it is...a Top Model first???
I won't give it away because some of you might have missed it, or some of you might live in foreign countries where you're lagging sorely behind.

The photoshoot was Recycling themed. Okay, that was kind of lame. I'd always thought of fashion to be sort of like mass debauchery. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, no compost, throwing your paper in the garbage! How many times per episode do we have to be reminded that this is the environmentally-friendly cycle? It isn't even about the fashion anymore. Well, it never really was, but I'm pretty sure about 2.4% of each episode is devoted to anything that has to do with fashion. ANTM is losing blogger's-cred by the minute. And yet we always come back for more...
Because Tyra throws in celebrities to keep us coming! Tyson Beckford and Mary J. Blige in one episode? Damn, this cycle must be really shitty!
(I can't hate, Tyson Beckford, though a bit to muscle-y for me, is always looking good)

Saleisha is looking fierce. As usual. Yawwn.
She needs to mix it up and get all gawky sometimes. The fierce-thing is getting old.

Yay, Jenah! My new second! Uh, yeah, I just get distracted by how the picture is all about the recycling and not about the fashion.
Despite what Mr. Beckford says, I love this picture. But it might just be the bangs. I swear, sometimes I'll like someone, just because they have bangs. Chantal is my third.


Belle said...

I was shocked with the ending. I was like WHAOO! I totally didnt see it coming. I would like to know how you arrived at 2.4% lol. I know what you mean about the whole we recycle, we dont smoke, we ride in an eco friendly bus. ect ect. we get it already!
great post

Carolina Lange said...

Jena is looking amazing! Love her photo!

Ana said...

ugh i missed it. because of a science lab. WHAT HAPPENED? telltelltell

Lapa said...

Everything is great in this blog of yours.

-S said...

saleisha has gotten boring hasn't she? i think jenah will go far in this competition.


i think those photos were so amazing. and tyson omg he is sooo fine!! i also think that the blond girl photographed at the bottom.. she is really pretty but seems too commercial. i find it so odd that i never see jaslene or any of the past models on famous runways for chanel, YSL, marc jacobs.. etc

Tru said...

I love the last pic she is fabulous

discothequechic said...


Not being able to differenciate between the Olsens?! Fashion suicide!

ha, I kid! They are looking very similar of late, so you shall be forgiven!

Lovee the dress in the first picture, although not quite sure if she's pulling off the fieercceee look in the facial region!

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

Usually you can predict who is going home in the first 5 seconds of a eppy and of course I predicted Ebony but the QUITTING! Totally suprised me. Good Riddance odd faced bitch.

Jenah/Saleisha Final Two, there I said it. (only my prediction, btw, not a spoiler)

Flashy_Shades said...
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