Thursday, November 22, 2007


I gotta say, Top Model is really grasping here. Judging them on their kung-fu skills? Frsrs? Tyra feels the need to get so creative with these challenges that they rarely have anything to do with modelling anymore.
And have they run out of photo shoot ideas? Isn't CoverGirl typically the last three contestants? I'm massively befuddled.
I have a very similar vest, except mine doesn't do that weird halter thing. I agree with the judges, Saleisha's crinkly eyes was a downside, but other than that, she looks good.
Yes, yes, Jenah, rock on! This is a bad angle of her face, she looks Melrose-esque (remember her?) And what's this about Jenah having no personality? I strongly disagree. Jenah is a goddess of personality.

Okay, okay, Chantal looked like a coked-up milkmaid but it's not fair to call her out for that. They told her to bring clothes that represented she did. Her face looks gorgeous.
Heather is irritating the bejeesus out of me. And seriously, the next time Tyra says "assburgers", Heather's gonna snap.


Belle said...

I didnt catch it last night, but it doesnt look like I missed much.

Yes I got rid of it, after trying to put it through google translator to see if it had any meaning what so ever, it didnt by the way. lol. I'm such a loser.


Emma said...

i could never, ever, EVER be too blog-popular for you.
i am just too LAZY and SLOTHLIKE and WOMBATISH to comment on blogs. but i always read yours first even when i have papers due. especially when i have papers due.

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

i kind of stopped watching top model. what is it like the ninth season? i dont even know, but it never changes really, so i dont really watch it much anymore.

maya said...

I got so bored of the Jaslene season (i really didn't like any of them) so i've been watching this one on youtube. Jenah is my favourite because i think she is absolutely beautiful and has the nicest smile ever.

Bianca said...

I watched it last night. My favs are heather, saliesha and it was lisa but unfortunately she left. Thanks for visiting fashion ivy. Hope to see u commenting more. I know i will

Jamie said...

Saleisha has some Dora the Explorer hair going on!

Jenah's face gets on my nerves sososo much.

I do like Heather though but I don't think she is cut out for the modeling business.