Monday, November 19, 2007

I love comics. Yeah, yeah, closet geek, I suppose, but I'm always reading one of my three favorites: Doonesbury, Calvin and Hobbes and FoxTrot.
I had included some strips for your viewing pleasure but a lot of them were too small and couldnt be seen properly. I'll write it out underneath. Because you care of course!
I'm just trying to forget the Arctic Monkeys dream I had last night that teased me with it's unrealisticness.

Duke: Honey? We're on our way home! Get dinner started!
Honey (his servant): How was your outing, sir?
Duke: Big success...the kids okay, hes turning into quite the little man!
Earl, his nine-year-old son (driving): Dad, which one is the stop pedal?
Duke: Experiment! I won't always be around to show you...

Calvin's test: 1. When did the Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock?
Calvin's response: 1620. As you can see I've memorized this utterly useless fact long enough to pass a test question. I now intend to forget it forever. You've taught me nothing except how to cynically manipulate the system. Congratulations.
Calvin: They say the satisfaction of teaching makes up for the lousy pay.
Jason: Okay, I'll shout all the imperial lines and you can shout out all the rebellion ones.
Marcus: Why do I always get stuck with the rebellion?
Jason: Hey, it's not my fault I sound exactly like Darth Vader.
Peter: Where are you two geeks off to dressed like that?
Jason: We're going to the movies. The weather's kinda lousy, so we thought it'd be a good day to see all three of the special edition "Star Wars" films back-to-back-to-back. You know, sort of as an edurance test to prove our devotion.
Marcus: No Johnny-come-lately fans are we.
Peter: That'll take what? Six hours?
Jason: No, no - you misunderstand. We're going to see the entire trilogy back-to-back-to-back. We're talking 18 glorious hours, not including breaks and previews.
Marcus: We'll eat sweet tarts to keep our energy level up.
Jason: That contorted expression on my brother's you suppose it was jealousy?
Marcus: I'll bet it was. Let's go back and invite him.

This post would've been so much less pathetic had the pictures come out properly.


maya said...

Calvin and hobbes is one of my favourite things ever.

Belle said...

Where would we be without comic?
I really enjoyed the Calvin one.

Cheryl said...

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes

Carolina Lange said...

I love comics! Calvin is the best!