Saturday, December 01, 2007

i can see you want to be attended to, just count to twenty-nine and ill attend to you

I fancy myself quite organized, and so the other day I organized the Arctic Monkeys pictures on my computer into quite organized folders. Organize.

"Ooooh, please, tell me more!" you beg.

Ahhhh, well, you see, at first I'd lumped all my Arctic Monkeys pictures into one folder cleverly labelled "arctic monkeys". But then things started to get a bit tricky. What if I had to find a picture of Matt and Alex, just the two, really quickly? What if there was some sort of emergency that demanded a photo of Jamie, stat? I could waste precious seconds sifting through the many files, no matter how artistically labelled (example: "alex turner trashed mercury awards, long hair, sexy")
So behold my new genius folder plan. In the "arctic monkeys" folder are five folders: "alex", "jamie", "matt", "pairs" and "together". Under "pairs", they are divided into folders of "matt and alex" and "jamie and alex", unless they are of another pair, in which case, they remain simply in the "pairs" folder. In "together", they fall into the category of "just three" (meaning Alex, Jamie and Matt during the time between Andy and Nick), "with andy" or "with nick".

"This is all very well-explained and clear as an unmuddied lake, clear as the azure sky of deepest summer, but I am a very visual person, and therefore need picture examples," you tell me with the calm aweness of deer.

Hmm, you do, do you? Well I suppose that can be arranged.
In the "alex" folder, we find pictures like this one:
Gdshuatreathruap; is priceless, isn't it?
In the "jamie" folder, a picture could (and does) resemble this:
And in the "matt" folder, he is well represented by pictures such as this one:
The "pairs" folder, say, under "matt and alex", we find pictures such as this:And in the "together" folder, under "with nick", we can appreciate the altogether beauty of the group is photos such as this one:

(This post so wasn't just an excuse to post loads of Arctic Monkeys was because I'm sure you, the reader, has been curious about how I organize pictures on my computer)


Heather said...

The Arctic Monkeys are great! I'm about to devote a folder in my computer to just Peter from Peter Bjorn and John.

Heather said...

Oh, by the way, I was thinking about how you should wear black sparkly tights, and I honestly think you can't go wrong! They'd look really good with simpler, darker colors, as the centerpiece of an outfit, or you could go all out and wear something in lame that matches the sparkles! I had a pair I wore to a wedding with a black off-the-shoulder full-skirted dress that I loved!

Emma said...

Those boys are cute as all get-out.
The Arctic Monkeys...oh God, I love them. A LOT. The other day I was bopping around singing "Fluorescent Adolescent" VERY VERY VERY quietly under my breath at the bus stop (like, really silently. I hate when people sing loudly in public), and this completely random woman goes "OHMYGOD I LOVE THAT SONG". And she totally wasn't being facetious- she was so excited about Fluorescent Adolescent that even a stranger singing it quietly at a bus stop sent her into flames of joy. This is a testament to the song's awesomeness.

Alexa said...

your tales ILOVEALEXTURNER of photo organization are so compelling... i almost got through that sentence.

coco said...

I still haven't found them, but when I do am so giving them the link to your blog hahah
i love your posts

coco said...

Oh and if it makes you feel any better I am a member of which is extreemly sad!

Emma said...

omg the first to photos scream hottie!

MR style said...

cool blog and pictures are hot

Belle said...

Lol. I have about a million different folders on my computer, and if anyone but me tryed to find something they would get lost. It is a bit of an organized mess.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha. Organization is always key. ^_^

Francisca said...

I LOVE THEM! And I never get tired of saying that. ALEX TURNER 4EVER xD. AHAHAHAHAH

Ana said...

the artic monkeys are cool.

haha my fashion folder is pretty meticulously organized-but not as much as your arctic monkeys folder seems to be

Maddy said...

So this is not normal. Of course, we are all entitled to our strangenesses... God knows I have more than my share.

Libby Michaela said...

Delicious (yes, I had to sing Fergalicious to correctly spell that) boys, and you keep them well organized. I tip my cap to you!

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

thats sounds like my Doors folders!

Under "My Pictures" I have a folder called "People" and in their is "The Doors"

once you click on "The Doors" you will find folders seperated by years, and in there are all the seperate event folders

all together I have around 3000 in my "The Doors" folder

Anonymous said...

haha love this post, hilarious,but i'm an arctic junkie too so it's much appreciated