Monday, January 28, 2008

who the fuck is mick jagger?

Keith raises a good point here: Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?
Just a God of Sex, no less. This post is in celebration of the fact that within a week, I will be watching Performance on DVD. Yes, the movie that's been on my sidebar for over a year.


the iron chic said...

YOU introduced me to Dimitri Martin!

Anonymous said...

haha , oh molly molly, i love you.

also just saw the post below this one, hilarious! george's eyebrows, man you're genius ;)

Aretha said...

Ohhh Molly, I love this post
I really love your blog now :)

WAT said...

Hey, so was Mick Jagger like bi in his early sex stud days? Is that Bowie rumour true?


Cate said...

oh i want that "who the fuck is mick jagger?" t-shirt! I will start hunting it down this very instant!

WendyB said...