Thursday, October 09, 2008

im surprised that no one's wise to my plastic fantastic lover

I know Prince would disagree with me, but has there ever been an invention so beautiful as YouTube? Here are some of my favourite clips of the moment:

Parliament-Funkadelic's "Funk Ship" ad for Nike, featuring Snoop Dogg. I know it's a commercial and it's a bit of a sell-out, but it's so damn fun and funky, I hardly care. I just wish it was still on TV...but I would probably get too excited every time it came on.

The final 45 seconds of a college basketball championship. I won't pretend I'm much of a sports fan, but this is one of the most amazing video I've ever seen. Frankly, I think my (as a person who has never watched basketball for fun) excitement in it says a lot about how incredible it is. I can't help but get incredibly excited everytime I watch it. (It gets good around 1:13) If all basketball was this thrilling, I would be glued to my television.

Robin Thicke's "Magic" video. I just love this new Robin Thicke song, and the video that goes with it. He can't really dance, but I enjoy his white-boy attempts. The song itself has a bit of a 70's Marvin Gaye vibe, which is definitely a good thing.

Now this is actually the most amazing YouTube video I have ever seen. Scene: A James Brown concert in the mid-80's. James Brown calls a Michael Jackson (at the peak of his career) to the stage. Michael does a little improv, a sweet little song and dance, then tells James Brown that Prince is in the audience. James Brown calls Prince (also at the peak of his popularity) to the stage. He comes riding up on his gigantic bodyguard's back. He climbs onstage and acquire a guitar. He seems like he's on drugs, plays guitar a little, screams, tears his shirt off, does a quick dance and jumps offstage, tearing down one of James Brown's props as he goes. The first time I saw this video, I, as an obsessive Michael and Prince fan, was in shock. I couldn't believe that this incident had taken place and I'd never heard about it. Also of interest is how famously tight James Brown's band is...picking up the cues like crazy. Watch and enjoy. (And if all you want to see is Prince getting a piggyback from an enormous biker, that's at 2:15)


this wheel's on fire said...

OMG that last video is insane!! too many it!
p.s. you know i <3 the title

Keith said...

I agree with you on all of these. I love them all. I am really addicted to that Robin Thicke song and video. I love the vibe of it. He's not much of a dancer. I'm not either though. lol I can't get enough of it. Oh yeah. I love YouTube. It's got to be one of the greatest inventions of humanity.

Cate said...

The Nike ad is really cool. (The fact that it is an ad puts me off a bit, but better have great ads than lousy ads!)
The basketball video reminded me that I have basketball at school after this free period I'm enjoying right now. Damn. I hate PE at school.
About the James Brown concert: I had read your text first. After I'd read it, I was all the more curious for the video.
And yup, those eyes in the pic on my blog were Agyness's.

Female Action Star said...

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Valentine said...

Ive become quite the youtube addict myself.. though addict might be a bit too much to describe me.. (lol)


I spent a good amount of time watching the vids! Awesome!!

ps part deux

thx for the comments on my photography. :-)

NonchalantMod said...

"but I would probably get too excited every time it came on."

haha laughed at that one;

AsianCajuns said...

So much fun! I can't remember what life was like before you tube!

Secretista said...

Whoa! That basketball video is pretty exciting!!

Oh yeah and I love 60s style a whole lot too.

Sister Libby said...

I like the new header too.