Wednesday, October 01, 2008

video killed the radio star

Sorry, Libby, as a Prince fan, I can't skip the 80's. I'll admit, this was a tricky decade, as I wasn't immediately flooded with ideas like I was for the 70's, but I managed to figure it out and behold

My Top 5 Favourite Albums from the 80's:

Prince - Sign o' The Times:
This was not a hard choice. Easily Prince's most amazing album, Sign o' The Times is just straight up brilliance. Funk jams ("Housequake"), gorgeous ballads ("Adore") and quirky pop ("The Ballad of Dorothy Parker") make this album truly unforgettable.
Favourite track: "If I Was Ur Girlfriend", funked up, gender-bending, truly unique

Prince - 1999:
1999 definitely has a less...human feel than SOTT, synth-heavy and mechanical. However, it's incredibly innovative and a ridiculously clever and fun record.
Favourite track: "Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)", in my opinion, one of Prince's most overlooked masterpieces

Michael Jackson - Bad:
I know, know. Bad but not Thriller? But I've always found Bad to be a much more enjoyable record, not to mention longer. That's not to say it doesn't have its weak points ("I Just Can't Stop Loving You"? "Man in the Mirror"? Next!) Michael makes up for it with purely awesome pop music. Thank you, sir.
Favourite track: "Just Good Friends", his duet with Stevie Wonder - I've always had mad love for this song

Rick James - Street Songs:
I'm sad to say I don't actually own this album - yet. I have heard most of the songs and I already love it. Everyone knows the classic "Superfreak", and despite the best efforts of Little Miss Sunshine, MC Hammer and Dave Chappelle, I still love that joint. However...
Favourite track: "Give It To Me" - the video is worth watching for the looks he gives Prince, Rick James is a master of amusing facial expressions

Prince - Around the World in a Day
Ah, yes. Prince's "psychedelic" album. Definitely could have been a huge fail, it ended up being great. From ethnic ("Around the World in a Day") to hippy-dippy ("Paisley Park"), this album showcases Prince's talent and innovation.
Favourite track: "Temptation", maybe Prince's most rock song


this wheel's on fire said...

ah prince!! the best, the king, musical fucking genius! by far the best of the 80's. amazing list :)

The Socialite said...

Ooooh Prince is the best! It's the best workout music there is!

Keith said...

Wow! Very cool. I've been a big Prince fan since I can remember. He was my favorite male singer in the 80's.

Diana Coronado said...

Yeahh psycho glitter music !!

MOLLY GRAY said...



Sister Libby said...

I accept Prince...only because he wears heels and is cool. And MJ is nice too...and I'm glad you can recognize that "man in the mirror" is a good song to say you don't like. Ahhh...I'm so excited for the next list.

coco said...

I haven't heard rick james but I agree with all the other choices. I love your taste, and the fact you adore Prince.

Cate said...

Of course you can't skip the 80s! I don't know if you're a NIRVANA fan, but me as a NIRVANA fan am curious for the 90s list ^^
Of course, Michael Jackson couldn't be missing in your list. Bad is a pretty famous record too, isn't it? I always have some "weak points" on records, songs I'm not really familiar with. But I play them so many times that I learn to appreciate every single song!
Prince and psychedelic? I gotta check that one out.

Seraphine said...

i used to love michael jackson!
hmm. maybe i should play some
of his old mp3's tonight, it's
been a while since i've listened.

Sunniva said...

ahh Prince!! ahh Michael Jackson!! ahh Rick James!! Your music taste is the very best, Molly :D