Tuesday, January 06, 2009

all these strange relationships really get me down, i see nothing wrong in spreading myself around

I don't usually do tags, unless they're interesting, and this one is! I was tagged by Daughters of Dawn Vintage, who run a cool blog and an awesome vintage store, right out of the spectacular city of Vancouver.

The Rules Are...
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

This is Harold, from Harold and Maude, faking another suicide. You're welcome!
I usually don't do the "tag other blogs" because it feels so clique-y, but I can see how these "memes" (is that what they're called?) reach a sort of dead end if I don't. So I will tag four randomly-chosen commenters from my last post, using an intricate system too complex to detail. Libby, Keith, Jill and Mimi...I choose you! A thousand apologies if you've already been chosen.

And, the results are in from my poll as to who of my Top 10 you find sexiest, and it was a tie! With a whopping four votes each, the joint crown goes to...
Mick Jagger and Steven Hyde!
I would make some kind of threesome joke, but considering the fact that Mick likely would be very up for it, and Hyde would be beyond appalled, the pairing was too sensitive.
You know, a lot of you expressed your approval for the list, so I'm forced to concede that I have fantastic taste in men. However, there's the odd sort of "what?"-kind-of-guy that I'm attracted to as well, and I feel they need similar recognition.
So without further ado, my "Seriously? You're Into That?" Sexy List:

1. Real from I Love Money and I Love New York
I don't know what it is. I don't think we even get these shows in Canada, I only saw them when I was in the States, but I'm all about the Real. A wikipedia search tells me that he had another reality show. Now, I really don't find the type of guy who goes on a reality show attractive, but something about his long hair, carefully groomed facial hair and short stature - I mean, okay, I have no idea what it is, the man is simply sexy.

2. Rudy from Fat Albert
Okay...I know he's supposed be like 10, but let's face it, he looks very mature for his age, he's got that Jackson 5 thing going, he looks at least 14!
Sigh...I'm just really digging myself deeper, aren't I?

3. C.C. DeVille from (God help us) Poison
This is a longstanding crush of mysterious origins.

4. The Dude from The Big Lebowski
It's not just his chill demeanor and hatred for the Eagles...I actually find him to be a very handsome man. You know, maybe without the jelly shoes...

5. Earl from My Name is Earl
Redneck is my least favourite type of guy, but something about Earl is beautiful. Maybe its his Almost Famous roots (played by Jason Lee, who was Jeff Bebe), or his heart of gold - who knows? The vein that seems to run through all these crushes is that they come from the dark side of my brain, seem to stem from nothing and involve moustaches.
6. Jughead from Archie Comics
Perpetual munchies, half-closed eyes, extremely laid-back...are you seeing a theme here, cuz I sure am!

7. Slater from Dazed and Confused
See above.
(Ed: Let's not get it twisted - Randall "Pink" Floyd is the true sex god of the movie, and definitely the one I'm most attracted to. This list is more about unconventional guys I find attractive!)
8. Richard Dawson from Hogan's Heroes and Family Feud
Okay, I don't actually know if this is considered weird - the man is debonair! Suavity personified..

9. Harold from Harold and Maude
Dark, mysterious, and capable of astonishingly entertaining facial expressions.

10. Lil Wayne
I don't even know how to justify this one.


Anonymous said...

yep bud court is somewhat sexy I will admit, how can you not love Harold & Maude!

Mimi said...

I've never been tagged before, this is so cool! Aww I loove that you called me Miss Mimi, haha that's what most of my close friends call me :] I knew that Mick Jagger would win, he is just too sexy! It was a great poll, hard to pick 1 in particular!

Yes I agree, I am soooo attracted to Real! I am not sure why, but he's handsome, ambitious, and his hair is to-die-for!

CC DeVille, how I loved thee? I had a huge crush on him and Bret back in the day... What can I say, I love rockers!

Jughead! He was always my favorite, I still read Archie comics every now and then my sisters and I got our little sister into it :]

Slater and Randall 'Pink' Floyd were my crushes in that movie... I always get that nostalgic feeling when I read your blogs, and I love that! You remind me of the things and music I love/loved, Molls you're the absolute best!

xo xo

what we needed said...

hahahaha..I love this one..I love Herald & Maude too.

Thanks for the comment..maybe a little drama..or something else.

Jill said...

I'm honored for the tag, chica! I'll get right on that. I hope it isn't a picture that might sully my reputation.

Your choice in men is quite unique. Great post.

Sister Libby said...

Slater, eh? I perfer Pink, but Slater is in a close second, I think. And the title was part of a conversation I heard the other day while shopping. It was some British man on his cellphone...And I will get on with explaining that photo. Thank you for the random selection!

this wheel's on fire said...

oh my god girl, i love you more everyday :)

jess said...

That is a strange picture. I love watching the fake drama on real's new show. I find Earl from my name is eral atractive too.

JJ said...

I'm so glad to have discovered your blog -- I love it! :)

julie said...

i completely agree about earl - and for the same reason - because he's really jeff bebe in disguise!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the Slater love :) And I loved the Harold Pic!

I think your list goes to show that even people with awesome taste in men have a few quirky crushes that are sometimes a little hard to explain.

PS. Your post below on Fleetwood Mac was just too awesome for words!

Keith said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'll go see what picture that would be in my folder.

Tangerine said...

just thought i'd leave a comment, i love reading your blog and i agree slater is a babe. haha

yiqin; said...

My, lil wayne. Why do people like him again?!

Cate said...

Argh! That was my spontaneous reaction to your picture ^^

mary jane said...

the DUDE! i'm all about the dude...love his sweaters and jellies.
earl too..
i'm more of an archie gal, myself..
slaters cute as long as he keeps his mouth closed...
thats where our tastes diverge!

copperoranges said...


haha you make me so happy. also jason lee is adorable no matter what character he plays.

Keith said...

Hey Molly. Check out my latest post on Sugar & Spice. It's the one I did for you tagging me in this meme. Hope you like what I posted.

emilyellen said...

i completely understand the whole weezy thing.

twenty.seven.cents said...

hahaha, just found your blog randomly. Must say I agree with you on The Dude, and Slater. I much prefer Slater to Pink. I guess I just have a thing for stoner boys. lol.
Nice post! :)

Krystal said...

haha, lil w!!! love it x

Aretha said...

Mick Jagger and Harold, of course!

Sydney Hell said...

Thanks girl, you rock!

Molly said...

C.C. DeVille, you strange girl!

haha, but strangely i agree about lil wayne. my way of justifying it is that he has a nice speaking voice....

of course i'll link you!
i do love your blog molly, and of course you, the only person i know with the same name as me :)

Maya said...

Lil Wayne is sexy as hell, i have to say.
One of mine for this list is Seth Rogen. Expecially in superbad.

Sweet Davies said...

I was in love with Jughead for a large part of the childhood--I think it was his unattainability that turned me on. And the crown too, that was hot. Ethel's got nothing on me!