Monday, April 20, 2009

she's a dancing interpretation of the meaning of syncopation

List one book you think everyone should read this year.A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. Not only is it a beautifully written, fantastically entertaining book, but it has an important message about mind control and the role of government in everyday actions. It's definitely a book that you have to want to read, as it's written in the fictional futuristic "Nadsat" slang - the first time I succeeded in reading it, I needed a translator page for the first third of the book (eventually you get used to the words). Rarely do I feel as if my brain is expanding while being so thoroughly entertained.
The movie is awesome too.

What is your favourite thing about your hometown?
I am rabidly in love with Victoria, but if I could only pick one thing to love about it, I guess it would be the variety of people. I've begun to realize that there are so many towns where most of the people are pretty much the same, and you could never say that about Victoria. So, as much as I roll my eyes at the scene kids who loiter outside the Bay Centre, I guess I kind of appreciate in a small way that they're there. In a small, indirect way.

Incorrectly complete these Fall Out Boy lyrics: "This ain't a scene, it's a(n) _______" [be creative]
This ain't a scene, it's a reluctant decision to co-opreate with this question.

What would you title your autobiography and how many pages would it be?
Gotta Be, Gotta be Freak of the Week: How My Career as P-Funk Back-up Dancer Led To Marrying Andre 3000 and it would be as many pages as it takes, baby.

What was the best Christmas gift you've received?
I usually receive lots of smaller things like albums, DVDs, clothes, so there's not really one huge specific gift that stands out. I've been listening to my Chocolate City LP a lot though!

What's one new thing you learned this week?
"The time at which the conditioned stimulus (CS) and unconditioned stimulus (UCS) are presented is an important factor in the acquisition of the conditioned response. In simultaneous conditioning, the CS and UCS are presented at the same time."
Yeah...maybe taking AP Psychology wasn't the best idea.

Open some chat program and type "How's my favourite friend who I haven't chatted with today?" to someone you haven't chatted with at all today. This item isn't a question, just a polite demand to let someone know you were thinking of them.
I did fully intend on actually doing this, but there's nobody online right now who would appreciate that. Plus, I don't talk like that, so I think they'd get suspicious.

Tell me one really proud moment from your life. (Be specific)
I don't know about "proud", but a nice moment from my life that I think says a lot is when I was a little kid, in my yard, my dad was telling me about how four-leaf clovers were considered lucky and how a lot of people looked for them. I bent over, picked up a four-leaf clover out of a patch and said "Like this?"
I've always been lucky like that.

Tell me one really embarassing moment from your life. (Be specific)
I'm going to pass on this one, but mainly because I'm very, very rarely embarassed and when I actually do get embarassed, it's usually about something pretty personal. Sorry, pal.

Have you owned something for way too long... something you know you should get rid of or replace, but can't? If so, what and why?
I'm the ultimate pack rat...I still haven't fully unpacked from when I moved about five years ago, so the answer to your questions are: yes, way too much to name and because I don't like to get rid of things because you never know when you might need it!

Fill in the blank: Other than this one, ____ is the last blog I commented on.
The incomparable Ice Cube Confidential, I do believe.

Do you have any scars? Tell me about one of them.
I've got one on my knee that was purple for a long time, but now it's white-ish. My cousin and I decided that instead of going around the block to get to his beach house, we were just going to swim across the canal (which isn't designed for swimming). So we hopped right in and then realized that the edges were lined in barnacles so there really wasn't any way to get out. Did I mention that I can hardly swim? I sliced up my knee trying to get onto a random boat we found.

What do you get complimented on the most?
My hair, my clothes, my chest, my eyelashes and my wit.

Post a link to your favourite picture online:
I'll do ya one better, survey. I'll just post my favourite picture.George Clinton in furs, gorgeous turquoise jewelry, an FCC button, pretending to snort coke? Win all around!

10 comments: said...

I believe a Keanu Reeves-esque 'exceeeellllenennnttt' is in order. :)

Twiggy Mod said...

I love your answers dearest, got me well and truely hooked! x

Keith said...

Hey Molly. These were cool. I'm a big fan of A Clockwork Orange. I love the book and the film. I highly recommend both.

copperoranges said...

reply to your comment:

hate might be a little strong i suppose, but at times she was extremely selfish and in her transition only thought about her needs and not the needs of her wife or her children. also she was born into a lifestyle that not many people get to be apart of and i dont think she realized how blessed she is. i just had issues with her personality.

Sister Libby said...

I tried reading Clockwork Orange in Swedish. I thought it would be easy, because I've seen the move. It was a fail. I'm now reading Roal Dahl's "The BFG".

I agree that AP classes suck, and are probably not worth the little AP that goes on the transcript.

And you have canals in Victoria? That' is really cool...I've sort of realized that canals make a city much more endearing...not exactly sure why.

Oh, and I never did add you on MSN, because I had a slight rightclick malfunction. So yes, that's what happened.

Jill said...

I cannot wait to read your autobiography!!

Dooder City said...

The last photo is great. That story about the four leaf clover is unreal. It does sound like you are lucky. I can't believe out of all the things I have read, I have never read clockwork orange. I remember trying once when I was following some band around but got distracted. Oh the other day, my friend and I were sitting around and talking about how if we were on a parade float in a parade with Parliament playing, what costumes we were wearing and how we would be dancing. It turns out that I would wear a mermaid tail (so that my legs couldn't really move) with a grass skirt over that and a haiwaiin shirt with a frog mask on. Kind of random but we were listening to parliamnent and basically saying how dope they are.

Sal said...

I would SO read your autobiography. Twice.

Mimi said...

I love when you post these, your answers are so raw. Def. agree with your choice of book!


Emz said...

Oh dear. I remember AP Psych... murderous class. It was soo boring.
This survey was a fun read though =)