Thursday, May 07, 2009

i'll let you be in my dreams if i can be in yours

Looks like this next list is not gonna be a tough choice: there are multiple votes, kicked off by Sister Libby, for a Bob Dylan Top 5 list. I guess the interesting thing about my musical "relationship" with Bob Dylan is that I prefer his more recent, blues-y stuff to his classic folk songs.
I must dedicate this post to my good pal Michele, who is undoubtedly among Dylan's most loyal and devoted followers.

My Top 5 Favourite Bob Dylan Songs
1. "Things Have Changed" from the Wonder Boys soundtrack
This has been my favourite Bob Dylan song since I first started listening to him about five years ago. It would be insultingly obvious to state that the lyrics are incredible. I in particular get a kick out of the line "Gonna take dancing lessons, do the jitterbug right"
Bob Dylan jitterbugging....people are crazy and times are strange, indeed.

2. "Dreamin' Of You" from The Bootleg Series Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs
Recorded in the late 90's but unreleased until 2008, this song shows a side of Dylan I've always found intriguing: lovestruck. To me, Dylan is more of an entity than a person, and it's hard to imagine him being infatuated with a lowly human. And yet, he writes such honest and striking love songs.

3. "Ballad of a Thin Man" from Highway 61 Revisited
Sure, I prefer recent Dylan but that doesn't mean I've fully neglected his excellent 60's stuff. The version on the playlist below isn't quite the ideal but I do love his derisive tone. I got hipped to this song the first time I saw Dylan in concert, in 2005, when he did an awesome version of it.

4. "Love Sick" from Time Out of Mind
The soundtrack for Dylan's infamous Victoria's Secret "sell out", this is another case of seeing the unexpected vulnerabilites of Dylan in love. It's beyond bizarre to hear his plaint of "I just don't know what to do, I'd give anything to be with you" - what kind of woman in her right mind would reject Dylan?
It's a sick world out there.

5. "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" from Bringing It All Back Home
Probably one of Dylan's most quotable songs, it definitely goes without saying that the lyrics are astonishingly good, but my favourite part is the swift guitar...riff. Would you call it a "riff"? In any case, this brilliant track not only says a lot but it really says something.


Which artist next? It's all in your hands!


this wheel's on fire said...


....maybe jefferson airplane? sly & the family stone? absolutely loving these lists of yours!!

Mouthwash said...

Bob Dylan is just one of those artists who makes you feel badass just for knowing about. I think he has one of the most awesomest (<-- word?) voices ever. He makes me want to wear studded leather jackets and smoke cigarettes (which I won't, cause they're bad.).

His son is pretty cool, but no cigar.

Oh, I totally added you to my blog roll!

Keith said...

I've got an uncle who is a huge Dylan fan. He would play us all his records whenever we would come over.

Mimi said...

Amazing! I was just wondering which songs you were going to decide on and these are great picks

Peter Pan would be so awesome! But no I found Alice in Wonderland record authentic Disney! While my sister and I were there I found another Alice in Wonderland record but this one is the story [actual pages!] songs, and music from the movie. I was pretty thrilled I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. I also bought a new record player my old one has seen better days so over all, it was a successful trip!


Dooder City said...

I think that this is a great list. I lvoe it in The Last Waltz when he sings with The Band. I love Girl From The North Country. I think of girls in their teens sitting by the record player in the 60's on a summer night listening to this. (kind of a weird imagination)

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Excellent choices!

Eddie said...

I try and I try to understand Bob. I really do. I understand the man is "cool" and I understand he had something to say... but when I listen to his music, I want to run face-first into the nearest wall.


It's funny though... when I smoke a rather large spliff, suddenly his music is tolerable.

Besitos Molly love

loveroffashion said...

That first shot of Dylan is AMAZING!! I love your blog!!

WAT said...

Robert Zimmerman was quite nice looking when young. He is a legend no doubt, and even more amazing when stoned! LOLOL! NO JOKE! I GET IT! I TOTALLY GET IT WHEN HIGH! THIS IS SURELY WHAT BOB INTENDED!