Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"my tusks, babar, i think this is the best fishing trip ever!"

Babysat my cousin last night and watched "Babar" for the first time in ages. Babar and his children probably demonstrate the best parent-child relationship I've ever seen. I wonder what it's like for an abused/neglected child to watch that and wonder "Why don't MY parents take me on fishing trips and don't get upset when I make them lose the fish they've coveted for years and still tell me it was the best fishing trip because I caught my first fish?" Well, something along those lines.

Just got out of my last AVID class EVER. My teacher gave out awards such as "Hardest Worker" and "Most Improved". I didn't get one, thank Jesus Christ.

We haven't really done much in class today, as it's the last day, but I needed to come to present a Dance project. In Socials they played Hangman. Luke's phrase was "La soeur de Eric est si chaude que toute le monde veut etre avec elle", roughly translated: "Eric's sister is so hot that everyone wants to be with her." In AVID we had a little slide show from the beginning of the year so we can see how much we changed. When a picture of me and the-blonde-who-didn't-question-my-drug-knowledge came up everyone went "Awww" and some people said loudly "How come you guys don't sit together anymore?" I laughed. Speaking of the BWDQMDK, we were both wearing earth tone Beatle shirts (beige for me and olive for her) over jewel tone long tees (turquoise for me and purple-y for her). Weird how I notice these things.

This website thingy is pretty messed up. Sometimes some of my entries won't show up unless you press "Refresh" and sometimes it says "0 Comments" when there are some. Sometimes I'll try to leave someone, like Bill, a comment and it doesn't work. Oh well.

Continued progress on "Howl" has been made. Current memorization position: "with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol and cock and endless balls". Oooh, lurvely.

The last two nights I've been having mid-night freak out attacks. No fun. And for the first time in my life, I slept late and got a ride to school. It was so bizarre. I never sleep late and now today, my last day of regular classes probably EVER, I sleep late.

I probably won't be writing in this thing much anymore because after today I won't have superficial people to avoid. I'll try to keep you posted on my travels. And my birthday, which is in five days in case you forgot.

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psychadelic Oblivion said...

molly my love you goddam better keep posting.
i wonder, these are like the most intense of diaries...and yet int wo, three years when we have decided to no longer keep a blog they will just get erased and never looked back upon...sad?