Friday, June 23, 2006

someone's pathetic attempt to god-ify "hair"

Last night I watchd "Godspell" because I heard there were hippies in it. "Hair", for anyone who doesn't know, is my favorite movie ever and it made me sick to see how obvious "Godspell" was trying to mimic "Hair". First things, let's check out the logo:

Okay, so we see that they copied the poster design. Except, hello, "Hair" is way way cooler. Other ideas they blatantly stole: a charismatic martyr (though George Berger is about a trillion-gazillion times cooler than this Jesus, who for some reason appears to be mentally handicapped), lots of singing and dancing (though please note that "Hair"'s dancing is incredible and their music amazing, while "Godspell" is not), the setting (New York, though NY is cooler in "Hair"), I won't even go on because I'm at home and my computer is slow. Also, in "Hair", everyone is hot, especially George Berger. In "Godspell", only John the Baptist/Judas (yes, he's both, for some reason) is hot. In fact, the two movies are incomparable because "Hair" is the best movie I've ever seen and "Godspell" is the worst.
The cast (I'll let you guess which is which, though it's not difficult: the cool cast is "Hair" and the not cool cast is "Godspell") (If that's not obvious enough for you, the big creepy guy with his face painted is Jesus, in the "Hair" picture, George Berger just looks like Jesus, because Jesus is supposed to be HOT and in "Godspell" he really is not):

I keep seeing "0 Comments" and it's quite upsetting. C'mon, I know you have opinions. Spurt them!


psychadelic Oblivion said...

well molly im glad you feel so adamate about your hair still, even after watchign the competitors.

Emily said...

Hair and Godspell are completely different breeds of musicals. I agree, I enjoy Hair a lot more but tho they share similiar styles they really couldn't be more different...

And FYI- I found your blog through Leith's.

Your friendly neighborhood Broadway Addict