Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the beauty and the brady

Well, today all I did was watch a Surreal Life marathon. It was the good season, the one with Adrianne Currie (my favorite America's Next Top Model) and Christopher Knight. For shame, I know.
Then we went out to eat and I ordered off the adult menu for once. I usually order off the kid's menu because I don't eat very much.
Tomorrow I go to my grandmother's house, where I will only have internet access about once a week. I'll live.

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Money Miss said...

I usually order the kids menu because I'm a picky eater. Then I realise that I'm a vegetarian, and the kids menu always feature chicken nuggets. And then I'm always hungry, because all I ate was a load of dessert. Hint: pickiness and vegetarianism DON'T MIX. But mix them I do.