Saturday, August 05, 2006

Aundrea, D. Woods, Shannon, Dawn, Aubrey (in order of how much I like them)

My latest obsession is unexpected for me. It's Danity Kane, from MTV's "Making the Band 3". I can't enough enough of them and their music. (Album hits stores August 22nd and I'm there!) It's a little embarassing, as they are so blatantly pop, but they have actual talent, especially my girl Aundrea, who is beyond cool.

(From l. to r. Aundrea, Dawn, Shannon, Aubrey, D. Woods)

Check out my ladies here:

I haven't written in a while and I wish I had more to write.

Oh! Here's something: I got a really gorgeous Bob Dylan shirt. It's my new favorite shirt. And I got two pairs of skinny jeans, the only pants worth wearing.

The pants I got are on the left.

And this is the David Bowie shirt I got. (Note: I have hair)

These are the Old Navy pants I got:

And I got these sandals but in purple.


Money Miss said...

Hey...pop can be fun!

psychadelic Oblivion said...

i am jelous of ur new clothes my dear......hoping some are 0's???

Anonymous said...

Yay for skinny jeans!

molly said...

nope, sorry, love. im fat as a pig (aka size one)

(KIDDING KIDDING y'all. i don't think im fat)