Sunday, August 06, 2006

lindsay lohan is a dumb bitch/r.i.p. arthur lee

Lindsay Lohan got into a fight with Paris Hilton at the L.A. club Butter during a Prince show. I am appalled at how fucking disrespectful that is to Prince! Obviously Lindsay Lohan is a wretchedly selfish person and not a Prince fan at all.

I just found out that Arthur Lee died. On the third, the genius behind Love passed away from leukemia. I feel very sad, but I haven't cried yet.

Well, he's dead. I can't say it was unexpected. I knew he was dying. It's hard to imagine such an important figure in music couldn't even afford to pay his medical bills. Thank God for Robert Plant playing a benefit show.

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Money Miss said...

That is soooo stupid. I like neither Lindsay nor Paris. They're both stupid aneroxic idiots.

Who's Prince?