Monday, August 07, 2006


I'm in a much better mood. On Shelby's blog ( there's a hilarious video by OK Go and it cheered me up considerably.
I went mini-golfing with my family and in the clubhouse there's an arcade. After we played, I spent about twenty minutes watching a group of guys play DDR (I know what you're wondering and only one of them was hot). They were really, really good and it was hilarious.
Then we went to Sonic which was also cool because they brought the food straight to the car! They are no drive-ins where I live, so I was pretty impressed.
I'm leaving my cousin's house tomorrow and then leaving South Carolina altogether on the twelfth. I probably won't be able to write in this blog after tomorrow until the end of August when I get home.
Sigh. And I finally have readers too!

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