Thursday, September 28, 2006

you wanna be on top?

YES, another season of "America's Next Top Model" is upon us! Hurrah!
My favorites, weirdly enough, are cute and blonde...which isn't the type I usually stand behind. (I do admit
to briefly being a Jade fan last season...ok, I said it!) CariDee (left) and Brooke (right)! They are awesome.
So come out with it.
Who's YOUR favorite?...

Oh, yeah, that's a dare.


Anonymous said...

Caridee is amazing!!!!
I I love Brookes new hair. I also like that one semi-depressed/emo girl with the really short hair that they died (slightly) red. She takes amazing photos.

And I can't help but like the twins......GUILTY

joanna said...

i don't know who is my favorite, but i can say that most of them are realllly self-absorbed and have extreme diva tendencies. if you saw the make over episode, you'll see what i mean.

moique is the craziest of the bunch. apparently, she is "the princess of the throne" seriously.