Saturday, October 07, 2006

...and the mysterious disappearence of lady frances carfax

I love Sherlock Holmes! The books, the movies, the TV show. "Sherlock Holmes and the Myserious Disappearence of Lady Frances Carfax" was on last night. It was pretty cool. They didn't really save her...spoiler alert...she was in the coffin UNDER the dead body about to be buried, simply passed out. The evil people were gonna bury her alive! The choloroform fucked up her brain and she was mental for the rest of her pathetic existance.
But back to Sherlock.
FUN FACT: Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was a cocaine addict?

I love pretty much everything about him: how he looks more evil than most of the villains, how he nevers sleeps (it's the cocaine, y'all), how he roars "I'M WELL AWARE" whenever Watson or some other mortal makes an obvious observation.
I highly recommend watching Sherlock Holmes sometime. Highly educational and entertaining...everyone wins!
Well, except the criminals. Cuz Sherlock Holmes never fails.

Please note: In regards to my last post, when I said "Morris Brown" was my least favorite of the three they released, that has changed. It is now my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes Rules!!!

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S said...

I predict disney will soon re-maek sherlock holmes. afterall, they have done just about everything else.

p.s, as for music, the big o is good, but morris brown soret of gives me headache