Friday, October 20, 2006

i'm cosmo, jerry! im cosmo kramer!

YouTube find of the week
I adore Seinfeld. I've been watching it since I can remember (though I didn't really get a lot of the jokes when I was eight).

And you have to love Kramer. I know I do.
And a crucial Kramer episode is the pimp episode!
Watch it here:

I actually found something better, but it was Prince related and since my last YouTube find-of-the-week was Prince-related, I figured I'd mix it up.
But if you're familiar with "Darling Nikki" (and anyone who watched my previous YouTube find-of-the-week is) you may have noticed some bizarre sort of chant at the end. It's actually a hidden message, reversed.
Hear the mystery broken! and the ending un-reversed here:

P.S. I really can't embed these videos...I've tried and all I get is this:
It doesn't work!


S said...

hmm. weird, i kind of wondered what that was at the end of it...

Touche19 said...

I love Seinfeld!!!!
and your new layout
ooh la la

Julz said...

SAME WITH ME! I have been growing up with those funky guitar transitions since before I can remember! I never got the jokes before...but I love the pimp episode. THE CANE.