Friday, October 20, 2006

public apologies....lame or no?

All right, I feel I owe anybody who happens to read my blog an apology. As of late, my entries have been getting major suck-age points.
I think I'm a little un-inspired or SOMETHING. Writer's block, perhaps. I made a little collage to try to make my blog better, but even that failed! It's off-center! (I mean, uh, I did that on purpose)
So I'm off in search on inspiration...expect super-entertaining entries to come!
I hope...


S said...

haha, okay, i will try to help. here's some simple html: (i can't leave a comment using < >, so i will put them back words, but just know that its supposed to be
< and >.

to make it so that your picture is centered: >center< picture address >/center<

and to bring it down to a see-able height, you will want to use >br< . which basically looks like you pressed enter. (i used 5 of the >br< things, and then 1 after the picture address, but it all depends on how big your pciture is.)

so, the beginning of your template should lok like this:
>center< picture address >/center<

i hope that helps!

joanna said...

yeah, i can relate, i've had somewhat of a writer's block for a while now. it totally sucks.

Sarah said...

i hate those, but no need to appologize we all go through them. sometimes i feel like i need to make myself post something

*emma* said...

why do you think i post like once a month?
most of my posting ideas suck.
ive liked pretty much all ur posts that ive read tho.