Wednesday, October 25, 2006

lee, the rabbit with epilepsy

I work in a library as a page (basically I shelve but it definitely has its moments. Yesterday in JNF (juvenile non-fiction to all you non-library-nerds) I stumbled across a book titled "Lee, the Rabbit with Epilepsy". I didn't read it but I definitely will today.
I can only imagine that this book is about a rabbit with epilepsy, as the title may suggest. Because it was in the non-fiction section, I'm gonna assume its not one of those stoner books.
Do rabbits really get epilepsy?
I'm gonna find out.

So I dig Prince (did I really have to tell you?) and I'm always reading reviews for Van Hunt that basically suggest that he's Prince-like (Princely?). So I checked him out. He's awesome, he really is.
Not on par with Prince one bit, but his songs are supersexy (they take after him, perhaps?). I recommend "Hello Goodbye".
Speaking of Princely, Ciara's new single "Promise" sounds like it was produced by Prince (for the record, it's not, that's just the kind of sound it has) I dig it.

America's Next Top Model tonight and you know what that means: CariDee-obsessed post tomorrow!
I know you're just as psyched as I am.


psychadelic Oblivion said...

lol how was that book? it does sound rather interesting lol.

*emma* said...

mehh, me no likey caridee. i like that kinda annoying girl brooke, and i lurve anchal even though shes not such a good model. its about time an indian girl one.
have you noticed that the winners of ANTM fall into a racial pattern? it's always black-girl-white-girl-black-girl-white-girl. weird. i mean, it seems fixed or something.
and the homely twin who declared herself a lez? such a brilliant strategy- i mean, they cant vote her off right after she comes out of le closet or they'll be branded homophobes.
i love thaat show despite its pitfalls. hello, nigel "sex on legs" barker! nobody agrees with me about him...but i want his bod, hate his stupid model wife.

new post is a'coming round the mountain, just revving up the creative juices (am i mixing my metaphors? ARE those metaphors? ok ive lost it)


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a rabbit with epilepsy. Truthfully, the whole concept freaks me out. I mean, I just keep imagining Bugs Bunny pulling a Porky Pig. So wrong, right?

S said...

well, as for antm, i did foresee brooke leaving. she didnt step it up, but caridee is doing quite well....