Tuesday, October 03, 2006

not my kind of prince

I've never really watched "The Bachelor" before. Saw a couple episodes here and there. But last night I helped my grandmother fix her TV and decided to stay and watch the two-hour premiere with her.
This bachelor, Prince Lorenzo (yeahh, they're making a huge deal over the Prince thing), is okay physically. His nose drives me crazy but other than that he's cute. I love his personality. He's not as sleazy or gross as the other Bachelors I've seen. So thumbs-up on the Prince Lorenzo. Now for the contestants.

Sarah from British Columbia! The lone Canadian of the bunch, she gave herself away by saying "eh". Immediately, he went "Are you from Canada?" She's from Nelson, BC...the marijuana capital of, well, the country! Definitely my favorite (and the only black finalist, she's representin' the enormous African-American population of BC)

And my other favorite: Jeanette. I don't know why I like her. I think she's the prettiest, though here she looks like Katie Holmes.

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joanna said...

hey! you left me a comment on my blog so i might as well leave you one.

you've never watched the bachelor before? i remember on the first season (or second, i'm not quite sure) the chick who won was actually from kansas (where i live, unfortunately) in this tiny little town called chanute. everyone around here FREAKED OUT. for us, it was totally awesome. but yeah, the bachelor is okay. personally though, my favorite trashy reality show is flavor of love, but i'm just sayin'...