Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Okay, I just received the Jack Nicholson issue, but apparently the new issue is already out...and it's featuring Fergie!! Imagine me dancing around singing "Fergalicious", which is what I'm gonna be doing in five minutes, but not right now, cuz I typing...durh.
I actually hate this picture. I can't stand it. Her body looks messed up and her face looks massively evil.
But it's the Hot Issue! I love the Hot Issue. Though for some reason, the Hot Issue always features girls on the cover, which is annoying even though I know that if they did feature guys it would be ugly guys like Justin Timberlake, never someone I think is hot. But oh well, I got my fill on the Bob Dylan issue a month ago.


Touche19 said...

Fergie Ferg
Every magazines Hot List Issues are the best
but that's my own, personal opinion.

joanna said...

uhhhh, fergie's face ALWAYS looks massively evil.


joanna said...

sorry if you like fergie. that's just my opinion.

molly said...

Opinions always merrily accepted. =D

S said...

well, lets face it, justin has come along way form his 'fro days in *NSYNC.