Sunday, October 08, 2006

peter pan!

I love "Peter Pan". It is definitely my favorite fairy tale, if it would be considered a fairy tale. I bought it off eBay ages ago and watched it again last night.
I'm going through a huge boy-crazy phase and it's kinda hard to avoid noticing that Peter Pan (played by Jeremy Sumpter) is really really hot, even though I usually don't go for blonde guys.
Captain Hook, on the other hand, is pretty sexy as well (until you remember this is the same actor - Jason Issacs - who plays Lucius Malfoy in "Harry Potter")

And so it's all kind of representative of me trying to get over liking bad boys and start liking nice guys.

Peter Pan is pretty cool, except for, y'know, his inability to experience real feelings. Though I definitely think Wendy did fuck things up by suddenly getting all "What are your feelings, Peter?" on him like the second night. It's pretty obvious that she's way too boring for him. Peter Pan, if you're interested, I'll leave my window open for you (though I won't actually because I don't like flies getting in my room, plus it's a little chilly)

Captain Hook actually reminded me of Prince, of all people, when he was playing the piano and trying to seduce Wendy. This chick is seriously weird, because she didn't go for it. She just got all mushy over wanting to be called Red-Handed Jill, which is a really stupid pirate name.

It's pretty obvious that I should've been there. I'd know how to handle both of them properly, without it getting too kinky (unless that's what they're into...)


Kit said...
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Kit said...

i used to have a huge thing for j. sumpter (p. pan) until i realized what an airhead he is. huh. sad.

you can put in videos in youtube by copying the link in the "embed" slot and pasting that into the post. sorry, that's the best description I can do!

no, no, that's totally fair. i have cd's just like that, where I can't describe the perfection that's right in front of me. it truly rocks. i must get a copy of modern times.


p.s. sorry about deleting the comment above. it was all screwed up and weird and wouldn't let me comment properly

Touche19 said...

my favorite Peter Pan film is Hook.
haha, and I spent most of my childhood in London because my mom's british.

joanna said...

yeah, hook definitely rocks it. i loooooved julia roberts as tinkerbell. what an awesome movie.

S said...

i actually prefer the peter pan cartoon by disney. i think the peter pan one with people is cool and everything, but i think the mermaids just creep me out. and i love hook.

i agree about the whole not doing sequels to classics. it's just a ploy to make more $. which is stupid (ahem,beauty and the beast 2 the enchanted christmas, little mermaid 2, aladdin and the return of jafar, really, icould go on forever). but yes, johnny depp as a pirate with tons of eye make-up? the combination just seems to work...