Saturday, October 28, 2006


Yes, that's right: crunk, ghetto Ciara is no more! She has been replaced by classy, mature Ciara

Okay, my earlier post only hinted at how hard I'm falling for the new Ciara single "Promise".
The video sealed the deal. It's understated and classy, but still hot and fun. The bit with the microphone is killer.
As I mentioned earlier, the song has a total Prince-production-and-composition feel, even though it was produced by Polow da Don (or whatever his name is...he produced "London Bridge") and actually written by Ciara! (I can feel my respect level for her climbing)
It had to be influenced by Prince...the drum sound especially is totally purple.
I've been looking for some stills from the video but I can't find any. So please, check it out. I know she has no range but I've always been a Ciara fan and this song is really bringing her to a new level.

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S said...

i heard it before, and i actually like it. something different from what she's done before