Sunday, October 29, 2006


Mmm, I do love my psychedelia.

Yesterday I met Nicola and Michele downtown to go shopping. First we went to the Best Record Shop in Town, the Turntable, where the extremely loquacious owners (see my very first post) who are friends with Bob Masse suceeded in selling me two CDs:

The Best of Shocking Blue, a German psychedelia band who wrote the now-classic "Venus". They sound Jefferson Airplane-esque, though that might just be because they have a throaty female lead singer.

And the Best of Strawberry Alarm Clock, a British psychedelia band who wrote the now-classic "Incense and Peppermints".

Then we went to Value Village where I found a copy of Cream's "Disraeli Gears" for two dollars. But, as Value Village is hellishly packed the weekend before Halloween, I just stole it, merely because I didn't feel like standing in line.

Bad, I know, but I spend lots of money at Value Village, so I don't feel too horrible.

Oh my word. I'm a huge Arctic Monkeys fan and, (see Sexiest Men Alive post, July archives) completely in love with Alex Turner, the lead singer. And I just found this picture of him...he grew out his hair!!!! Long hair on a guy is the most scrumptious thing ever. He looks gorgeous-er than usual. I definitely approve!

Well, I don't know what he could do with his hair that would make him unattractive. Even a mullet would look sexy on him.


S said...

well, i've heard of the arctic monkeys, but not the other bands...

Maddy said...

Could you explain why the Arctic Monkeys are found so remarkable? I'm not trying to sound snarky when I say that, I just want to know what sets them apart from the other pop punkers?

Sarah said...

i love the artic monkeys, i don't think much seperates them from other punkers that makes them so special, but their sound is refreshing,as well as his voice.