Wednesday, October 18, 2006

what can i say?

So I'm sitting home, doing PE on my computer with a lurvelyy fire burning and I happened to stumble across (hey, it has something to do with PE...probably) which is when I discover, next week's cover! (Even though I haven't received the Fergie one yet...lame!)
And it's a political cover.
I don't know enough about politics to comment. I'm liberal (Ralph Nader! Woooot!) and I obviously am not digging the current White House. That's all I will say, because I don't want some political activist stumbling across my site and going, uhhh, she shouldn't talk about shit she doesn't know, which is what I do when the BWQMDK (she makes another appearence!) talks Bush.

eBay update! So I bid upon...and won the Prince tote. I didn't bother bidding on the first shirt and I bid on the second, but a whole bunch of other people pounced and it got too high so I gave up.
In case that last sentence was too confusing, I'll break it down: I own Prince tote. No own shirts.


Kit said...

AH!!! i feel exactly the same way about blender! i am actually afraid to even BUY the mag because of the errrrr....suggestive covers. i am such a wimp. i am totally skeeved out that cool music mags are getting so masoganistic with these singers that will pose wearing next to nothing just to be on the cover. even the one with fergie ferg made me cringe. tsk tsk fergie, tsk tsk.

dusk&summer said...

lol prince tote? niiicee

psychadelic Oblivion said...

"doing p.e on my computer" now theres an oxymoron if ive ever heard one...