Sunday, October 15, 2006

prince merch!

So, I've been crawling all over eBay hunting down awesome Prince merchandise.
What I've found:

So this shirt ruled in awesome-ness. Unfortunately, 80's vintage is so pricey, even on eBay. Or maybe I'm just too cheap? It's probably a mixture of both, but in any case, I'm not getting it.

I'm on the fence on this tote. It's about twenty bucks. Should I go for it? I don't want to blow my whole paycheck on Prince stuff. Still, what a great bag.

This is the shirt I'm actually bidding on. It's about twenty bucks and what a hot picture of Prince, no?!


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh, tis a shame everything is so expensive these days

Kit said...

ooooh. this is a toughie. i really like the bag but if you can only choose one thing you should go for one of the shirts. yeah.

thanks, i'm feeling much better now. my back issues really don't go back too far, maybe a couple of years? i used to be a mutually exclusive Spin fan but i saw the light a few years ago and branched out. it's a good feeling.

*emma* said...

the eighties are back.actually, screw that- i hate when people are like "the eighties are back. orange is back. carbon dioxide is back". THE COLOR ORANGE ALWAYS EXISTED YOU MORONS! IT DIDNT JUST DISAPPEAR AND THE REAPPEAR LIKE A CLOUD OR SOMETHING! wow ok im crazy... definitely bid on that 1st shirt unless its cruisazily expensive. im not such a big prince fan, but from a purely fashion-oriented point of view i'd say go with the bag. everyone has a t-shirt. but that t-shirt is uncommonly funky. ok im no help whatsoever...

S said... has lots of cool shirts. i am particualr to the top gun and guns n roses shirts personally.