Friday, October 13, 2006

youtube find of the week


That's right: Sims + Prince equals awesomeness.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an obsessive Prince fan. Plus, I can get hooked on Sims too easily. So when on YouTube I discovered that someone had used the Sims to make a music video to one of my favorite Prince songs, "Darling Nikki", I was in awe of their genius. Check it out.

"Her loving will kick your behind/She'll show you no mercy/And she'll sho'nuff sho'nuff sho'nuff show you how to grind."
-"Darling Nikki" by Prince


S said...

i lurve when doves cry by prince. it's my guilty pleasure. that, and jay-z. scary, i know.
i also hate jaeda or wahtever her name is. she's too bad at modelling.
anyways, about the whole picture at the top thing, i have messed around with photobucket (you can find photos there, and copy and paste the url into the blog template), but i find that what works best for me, is finding a picture, screw around with it on photoshop (mine is actaully called "imaging" f.y.i) (and i don't reccommend the "paint" program, because when you type stuff, you get a solid colour background, not just the lettering you know?)and then go to a new post on blogger and add an image, click on the html version of your post, copy and paste that into your blooger template thing and viola. a picture. and you just delete the post that you added the picture into. i hope this helps, or at the least, makes sense!

Sarah said...

i watched some of those sims things and they were quite amusing. who has the time to make those things?

S said...

weell, prince isn't exactly the type of music i listen to all day, but every once and a while, sure.

Julz said...

Lol that video was pretty funny, it has to be hard to make something like that. I <3 sims!

Thanks for checking out my blog again...:)

Anonymous said...

why are some people so amazingly genius?!
ahh, sims+prince
who woulda thunk?