Wednesday, November 15, 2006

filling in the blanks

It was only going to be a yearly thing, but what fun is that?

Okay, it's gonna be musical artists only, to avoid mass confusion on my part. And to give it some sort of theme, they're all gonna be holding guitars.

Let's go over the criteria: genius definitely counts, "sexy" is defined by attitude (I dig confidence) and I do have a soft spot for the both "bad boys" and the "nice guys". And I love facial hair (and those hippie types) This time I will include people who are dead. And so, without further ado, my Top Ten Sexiest!

1. Prince
That wasn't a huge surprise, now, was it?

2. Alex Turner

3. Bob Dylan
I have a huge poster of this picture over my bed...aren't I lucky?

4. Arlo Guthrie (young)

5. Country Joe McDonald (young)

6. Arthur Lee (young)

7. Keith Richards (young, old, I dig it all)
Yeah, he's not holding a guitar, even though he's a guitarist. That's because Keith breaks the rules. He's badass to the bone.

8. Graham Nash (young)

9. Andre 3000

10. Jimi Hendrix

Who do YOU think is sexiest?
Alex Turner
Bob Dylan
Arlo Guthrie
Arthur Lee
Keith Richards
Graham Nash
Andre 3000
Jimi Hendrix
Country Joe McDonald
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Barbara loves London said...

keith richards all the way baby!!!!!

S said...

i love slash, he doesnt care what anyone think of him ,and i think its kind of hot that he has a nose ring. although, i think he is in major need of a haircut.

theoriginalcorykennedy said...

A poll? Is that something you've done before? Or should I add you to my Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery list?

alanna said...

you should put bab marley on that list, he is ADORABLE

Cool Like Chloe said...

what about jim morrison?? :)

*emma* said...

omg i agree i love bob!