Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm sure all of you are equally upset by last night's America's Next Top Model episode.
CariDee in the bottom two?
To borrow a phrase from touche19, DUBB TEE EFFFFFF??
So she can't speak fluent Canton. We all know that if that commercial was in English she would've nailed it.
You know, since Adrianne they've never picked a super-cool, so-rad winner. Eva, Naima, Danielle...they were alright. But nowhere in the cool-ness range of CariDee.
I think Tyra is intimidated.
Yeah, that's right.
She knows even she does not touch CariDee in the Cool Department. And she must get rid of any competition. Tyra's getting old. She's getting dull.
And if CariDee goes home, and from the "coming up on ANTM", I get the feeling its only a matter of weeks, it's just gonna be because she's Too Damn Cool.

I feel her pain. It's a burden we share.

I knew it was gonna happen.

I prayed, I dug through the rain-soaked lawn looking for four-leaf clovers, I ripped a foot off Lee, the Rabbit with Epilepsy...

and yet Borat still ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone.


Sarah said...

go borat! haha. they should have had a photoshoot on ANTM

Alison said...

omg i was emotionally distressed after seeing CariDee in the bottom two! I still can't forget her 'hiding dizzily' sooo awesome. Melrose is a good model, but a bitch and CariDee needs to win or i'll have a spasm.

Cool Like Chloe said...

i agree. wat the heeck is wrong with antm. michelle should have been in the bottom two. she doesnt want it at all but caridee wants it so much. that is just too dumb.

S said...

now, personally, i think they hsould have chosen kahlen instead of niama.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Teresa said...

tyra's lost her top. literally. I happened to catch an episode of her talk show where she ripped off her shirt and forced her whole audience to take off their clothes for her bra episode. It was devastatingly ridiculous.
Oh yeah, and in Factory girl, it isn't bob dylan, but a character similiar to Bob, because he would have sued if his name was in it. I can't wait to see the movie too, such a sad pretty girl Edie was.